Top 10 Books and School Supplies to Buy From Lil Amigos Nest


Lil Amigos Nest is truly a one stop-shop for all your child’s needs- from toys to books, clothes to feeding and bathing products. You get everything here for your little ones. Lil Amigos Nest has been winning over hearts and ruling on them not just in India but in Abroad too. We care for your kids and their well-being and for them, we bring a collection of best curated products with best quality, modern functionality and adorable designs. Here, have a look at the Top 10 Books and School Supplies, which you could buy from Lil Amigos Nest.

1. General Books: First in the category is this General book category, which further has three more sub categories- Parenting Book, Encyclopedia and Dictionary. This category will make your work way easier and simpler as parents to make your child learn and know about many things, as in teach them about Ramayana, about good behaviour and many more.

2. Preschool Books: Next in the category is the preschool books one, which further has more categories in it like- Touch and Feel, Magic Book, Rub and Smell, Activity Books, Early English, Early Maths and Story Books.

3. Stem Books: Activity Books, Science Books, Science-GK books are the three categories into this one. In these, your child will get to learn about different science related things, including body parts, some basic physics things etc. Then, they also learn about life skills, discoveries, inventions and many more.

4. Primary School Books: The name only suggests, the primary books category has some basic and important books including English Olympiad, Maths Olympiad, English and Short Stories. These books will enhance the knowledge of your children at the basic subjects and help in learning about them at their initial stage only.

5. Personalized Books: And yes, the best and favorite of all. This Personalized Book section will surely book your heart too as it comes with something new for you. Gift it to your little ones with their names over it and see them getting excited to read it and love it.

6. Art and Craft Fun: For making the most out of the activity time, these art and craft fun books will surely help your kids to get to know about many different categories by coloring them or making their paper craft figures and just having fun with it.

7. Stationery: Whatever your child needs, we will get that to you and that too totally eco-friendly. Yes, we bring a set of pencils that are totally plantable and pens with low ink velocity and caps of which are recycled paper body caps. Apart from that, the boxes are so charming, made of stainless steel material. You can have just enough reasons to order these amazing eco-friendly products from Lil Amigos Nest.

8. School Bag: We have a varied range of school bags for your little champs in many different colors and designs. This include- unicorn designs to drawstrings one and even the rabitat and each one is available in a number of colors. Choose your child’s favorite one and let them enjoy carrying their little stuff in that to their school and tuition.

9. Decals: Here comes the most interesting and entertaining of all school supplies for your champs. These playful decals will make your kids go crazy. We have totally waterproof and different theme based Art Hopscotch Floor Decals sets including- Christmas, forest animals, spring and many more, to create, play and learn without adding any trouble to you.

10. Wall Scroll papers: Kids love paintings and sketching and showing their art, especially on walls. Well, this enjoyment might get a little hectic for you to wipe that and clean it. But, here is your savior. Lil Amigos Nest brings for you this super affordable Wall scroll paper, which you can just hang anywhere on the wall and just take a sigh of relief and let them have fun and paint it and draw all over it. This will increase their creativity, arts skill and a fun time too.

A must visit website for your child’s every need. Gift them such amazing, uniquely designed and wonderfully curated collections from Lil Amigos Nest and see them play and grow along. Order kids books online and keep a check or like its Facebook page to get notifications, to enjoy amazing sales on books and other stationery, coloring and creative stuff.


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