Top 10 Reasons Why Jaipuri Razai are the Best Winter Quilt


Jaipuri Razai, the best quality quilt in the winter quilt. It has been famous for many years and has been awarded with a great amount of praise. Let’s explore what are the reasons that can make it the best and why you should consider buying it as your best winter quilt, this winters.

Top 10 benefits and reasons why they are the best:

  1. Hand Blocked Prints – They are having the beautiful type of hand blocked prints on it, which make it’s very much attractive and gives the most cultural type of look. Hand block prints are very attractive and are not very easy to find on every type of Winter Quilt.
  2. Reversible – There is no such thing as a particular warm side in these types of quilt as they are reversible and are warm from both of the sides. You will be amazed by the warmness, this quilt can provide you by both sides.
  3. Super Soft and Cozy – It is super soft and cosy, you will be amazed by the softness and comfort that you would be able to find in the bed by it. They are the best type of winter called as we all know that winters are something that can only be spends in comfort by a super soft quilt.
  4. Ultra Lightweight – The best part about this is that they are really very light weighted as we all know that, the heavier the quilt the more the warm it can provide. However, this quilt has broken this stereotype as it is very light weighted and yet is very much warm as compared to other heavy weighted quilts.
  5. Best look and feel – Apart from the benefit of its warmness, it is very beautiful and amazing in look. It would not be like a winter quilt which will be looking very weird in your living room, if left open.
  6. Best warmth and comfort – These quilts are famous for providing the best type of warmth and comfort. They can provide the warmness that can be matched with no other type of quilt in the same weight. They can give you the best protection from winters.
  7. Best varieties – There are a wide range of varieties in this type of winter quilt as they are having the best type of Varieties depending on the need of the person. So, you will be having a great amount of choices for you.
  8. Easy to store – The heavy winter quilts are very much difficult to store and difficult to carry. These winter quilts are very much easy to store as they are ultra light weighted and can be perfectly stored and carried.
  9. Vibrant motifs – These winter quilts are having the most beautiful and vibrant type of motifs on it and that is, what makes it the most beautiful as it was having the cultural values and are also depicting some type of beautiful historical values.
  10. Cheap price – The other types of winter quilts are very much expensive as compared to this and are, also not providing the benefits that this can provide you and therefore, this is the best and amazing choice for you as a winter quilt

Woodsy, an amazing platform where you can find the beautiful range of variety in prints and colours available in the Jaipuri razai. They are providing with the best quality in Jaipuri razai.

Explore their website,, find the best type of winter quilt for you.


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