Top 10 Beautiful Types of Phulkari Dupattas Available At Mystic Loom


Mystic loom, a beautiful platform where you can find a great range of variety in phulkari Dupattas. They have the best types, colours and designs available in their collection. Let’s explore some of the best top 10 beautiful types of Phulkari Dupatta types, that they are having for you and which, you can match perfectly with different type of occasions.

Top 10 beautiful types of Phulkari available

  1. Cherry blossom – This is an amazing design with, the small flowers. It’s having beautiful shade and beautiful small flowers on it. You can match it perfectly with your different type of ethnic wear and can make up a great beautiful outfit.
  2. Angelic Spell – Peach – This is a pattern of Modern blocks and squares. It’s having great colour combinations and is having the best patterns and designs. You can have this, for different type of occasions and events as it’s very attractive and beautiful.
  3. Spring Melody – Grey – This is a Phulkari Dupatta with, two different colours flower blend. It’s a beautiful type of clothing and is having the best type of look and is having very eye-catching colour. You can match this up perfectly, with anything for any occasion.
  4. Moonlit Stars – It’s a pattern of, Black square blocks. You will love this type of Phulkari as it’s having a great elegant and smart look. It’s having a western and Indian look in it and gives the best type of look in functions and parties.
  5. Roseate – It’s having beautiful Red colour in beautiful pattern embroidery. It’s a great piece of clothing for occasions related to marriages as it’s made with beautiful red colour and is having the best eye-catching look and vibes.
  6. Pink Promise – It is an, Zigzag combination of pink and other colours in flower. You will love this collection as it is very beautiful and amazing type of clothing and can be used for different types of occasions and events as it gives best attractive look.
  7. Vintage Aura – It is having a Small detailed zigzag design, with beautiful type of colours combination. You will love this as it can be matched perfectly with different types of ethnic wear in plain type. It’s attractive and gives very unique look.
  8. Rooh – They are having this product with, Beautiful flower border and small flowers inside. It’s a beautiful piece of phulkari design as its very rich looking and gives very elegant look to the overall personality and outfit.
  9. Naaz – This is Colorful combination of flowers in zigzag lining. It can be well matched with different types of ethnic kurtis and suits perfectly and can give the best outfit look. It can make beautiful outfits and very attractive look.
  10. Reet – It is having, Shaded blend and small flowers. It’s a beautiful type of clothing and is, suitable for many types of occasion and events. It’s beautiful look can be matched perfectly with beautiful plain ethnic wear Kurti or suit.


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