Top 10 Reasons Defining ClobasAs The Best School Management Software In Chennai


Clobas is a cloud-based software management system that fulfills all managements needs of an educational institution digitally. Transforming the entire education system and bringing revolutionary changes in the school management system, Clobas stands out as the Best Online School Management Software in Chennai.

Top 10 Reasons That Make Clobas Stand Out As The Best School Management In Chennai.

  1. Easy To Access – The pandemic had made it very difficult to manage the entire school system due to frequent lockdown and drastic spread of the coronavirus disease. Keeping this in mind, Clobas came as a quick and easy solution to provide easy access to education and studies from the comfort of home!
  2. Affordable – While most of the high-end technologically advanced software requires a huge amount of money and investing in them becomes more difficult during these tough times of the pandemic, Clobas, with their pocket-friendly approach to pricing keeps everything simple and cost-effective. This is one of the most important reasons that make it stand out from others.
  3. Reliable – Regardless of where you are operating this perfectly created software, you can always be sure about its performance and mechanism. You don’t have to struggle in any way to conduct your daily school activities digitally. Anything can ditch you in between, except Clobas!
  4. Authenticity – Leaving all the features aside, this is one of the most sought features when it comes to using any services that run on the digital platform. Clobas offers a high level of safety security and authenticity. Only Edutech Company to be certified by Deloitte for data security.
  5. User Friendly – Built with a well-designed interface, Clobas offers user-friendly software that can be easily used by all, including those who have the least tech knowledge. This again makes Clobas the best online school management software in Chennai.
  6. AI Integration – Clobas, being the best education management information system software offers Integrated Artificial Intelligence features that include spotting top performers and weak performers who need attention and counselling to improve their academic and co scholastic skills, facilitating a holistic approach.
  7. Parents Portal – When it comes to analyzing a child’s educational progress and growth, parents need to stay informed with every single detail about their studies and performance. Keeping this in mind Clobas brings a dedicated parents portal that gives all the parents easy access to their child’s academic activities, and also helps them participate in the same.
  8. Communication – In this era of online schooling and classes, it often becomes very difficult and bothersome to have smooth and satisfying communication between parents and the school system. With clobas, it is easy and made two-way with acknowledgement facility. This versatile software helps every parent directly connect with the school authorities through push notification messages in mob app, emails, SMS and customized templates too! This feature makes learning easy and hassle-free and eliminates any possible communication gap between all stakeholders.!
  9. Fee Tracking And Payments – coming out of the traditional way of receiving fees and proving receipts that consumed a lot of time Clobas brings to you an easy way of handling fee payments. The day of paying fees easily gets popped up on the parents’ screen acting as a reminder for them, and the entire history past payments done auto generated with just a click. Sounds interesting, right?
  10. HR & Payroll Management – HR module helps to save the entire details of the staff keeping a track record of their payroll, leave, etc. This feature of Clobas makes it easier to save everything under a single umbrella, making management tasks easy and hassle-free.

Hence, if you are looking for the Best ERP software school management system, then Clobas is definitely the one for you. When the pandemic has given tough times to schools and educational institutions, Clobas has emerged as a rescue for all. Making school management easy and hassle-free, Clobas has proved itself as the best school management software in Chennai serving a great number of schools and making school management easy and hassle-free. Clobas is your one-stop solution for all your digital transformation needs! If you want to experience the Best Online School Management Software, do visit their website


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