Top 10 Perfect Destinations For Spending Vacations

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Vacation are necessary, hey are the best holiday, consider vacations as an enjoyable way to invest in your good health. If you don’t take vacations, your productivity suffers. Long periods of work without break lead to irritability, poor decision making, poor communication and relationships and more days off due to ill health. When you go on vacation, you reverse all that and come back with greater focus, an optimistic mind-set and productivity.  Let’s explore some amazing and perfect destinations for to spend vacations on My Travel Trip.

Top 10 perfect destinations for vacation

  1. Jaipur- It is an great place to plan vacations and trips as it is filled with amazing type of old architectures of the old kings and therefore, a trip here, would be very fascinating and would fill you with curiosity.
  2. Ooty- It’s the best destination for vacations in the South India and is very famous for its beautiful greenery and scenery and you would be able to click many beautiful pictures and spend very quality time with your loved ones, here in the amazing nature and greenery.
  3. Srinagar- It is called the heaven of earth and is very beautifully decorated by the nature with beautiful hills and beautiful lakes and is a place you should consider for your vacations as it is very pleasing and beautiful.
  4. Jaisalmar- It is a place, which is very famous in Rajasthan for its amazing forts and palaces, you would be amazed by the architecture and the carvings of sculptures in these places. It’s a best place if you are interested in history and would like to know more about it.
  5. Udaipur- It is called city of lakes, you would be able to see the most beautiful scenery of lakes here, and this place is very famous for its nature and environmental beauty. Many celebrities have had their marriage here.
  6. Shimla- If you are thinking of a vacation, you can never miss out the option of similar as we all know, it is the best place for vacation in the summers and is filled with beautiful scenes, mountains and market.
  7. Mussoorie- This is another amazing hill station you should not miss out, as we all know the beauty of its climate and its environment is very famous. It is a best vacation destination for you, as this place is having amazing markets with amazing culture of this place.
  8. Manali- Manali is also, a destination which you must never miss out in your vacation trip list as it is very beautifully decorated by the nature and is filled with amazing trips and vocational activities here, which you’ll enjoy a lot.
  9. Darjeeling- Filled with beautiful tea gardens, this place is something you should always have in your vacation to go list, the beautiful tea gardens along with hilly areas and amazing climate is just the perfect environment to spend time with your loved ones.
  10. Sikkim- Here, you would be able to see the highest points of India from a point and would be fascinated by its beautiful. It’s filled with great and big mountains, hills and is famous for its beautiful in greenery and amazing cold climate.

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