Top 10 Trending Paan Delicacies Offered by Paan Aroma


Paan Aroma is the leading retail outlet that offers delectable paan varieties for its customers. We offer innumerable paan delicacies that are perfect in taste, hygiene, health, and safety who are looking for something better than others in the market. With the best ingredients, paan is prepared including betel leaf, Katha with Choona, supari, chocolate, sugar, candies, etc.

Below are the top 10 trending paan delicacies offered by PaanAroma – 

  1. Oreo Smoke Paan
  2. Oreo Laddu Paan
  3. Strawberry Paan
  4. Oreo Chocolate Paan
  5. Strawberry Chatni Paan
  6. Amrood Paan
  7. Butterscotch Paan
  8. Elaichi Paan
  9. Chocolate dry fruit Mix
  10. Fire Paan

With the best taste, PaanAroma created a brand with a passion to deliver mouth-watering paan flavors keeping in mind the necessary nutritious and health benefits that are helpful for a healthy mind and body.

We strive to offer premium-quality and health-conscious paan varieties with mutual growth of business chain partners. We offer taste with a state-of-the-art packaging facility. With our mission, we drive high standard quality across the country. Our dedicated team members ensure optimal utilization of resources and upgrade new skills based on customer’s preferences, tastes, and demands. Paan Aroma envisions becoming a frontrunner in the paan world.


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