Top 10 fundamentals followed by Makmore


Makmore is known as the leading and fast-growing start-up in India. It comes to make their customers fall in love with their excellent cleaning services. A 100% satisfaction and assurance is offered to its customers.

  1. A specialized team of professionals is hired by the company who are appointed to render hassle-free services by delivering a not only household solutions.
  2. Maintaining and preserving the personal touch in one’s living standard.
  3. With our proper guidance, your dream home is taken with utmost care so that you feel pleasant and hygienic.
  4. Every single home is cleaned properly and nicely, if by chance something happens to be wrong or mishappening during the routine services, Makmore does their best to repair or replace the item.
  5. Makmore is staffed with passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people.
  6. Caters to their services needs at their doorsteps.
  7. Quality home services at affordable rates.
  8. Right professionals with the right budget.
  9. Verified background checked
  10.  Easy availability

A 100% satisfaction and assurance is offered to its customers. Get in touch with us or know more about our services at


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