Top 10 Principle Concept of International Benchmarking Certifications


International Benchmarking Certifications is a renowned certification body on a wide range of international standards maintaining persons, management systems and products. Being an accreditation IB&C is an independent body that holds integrity and technical competence.

In addition, IB&C is an endorsement of the authorisation framework that allows the body to make use of accreditation and render services with world widely and confidently. IB&C have extremely qualified expertise and infrastructure that proves you have made the right choice. It also holds ISO 17021:2015 accreditation for Management System Certification. 

Moreover, all the professionals and organizational community are assisted through commitment and competence with international acknowledged aptitude requirements.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 principle concept of IB&C –

  • Establishing and upholding a dependable and valid certification assessment.
  • Inspecting and reviewing the degree of applicants for aptness.
  • Allowing and conceding certificates to maintain records and publishing a directory.
  • Framing minimum requirements that are essential to verify professionals and other organizational bodies.
  • Discover that the clients encounter ethical standards in their white-collar practice.
  • Involve and elect members for the common interest.
  • Endorsing and sponsoring the benefits of accreditation to organizations and other professionals.
  • Confronting comprehensive services with continual improvement, and demonstrate recognition.
  • Assurance through education, evaluation and certification against severe competency requirements.
  • Keeping the operation impartial and with utmost care.

Hence, this specialized body offers exclusive fundamentals in system & product authorization


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