A Review on chewing Paan is a healthy drill


The normal pH leaves of the stomach henceforth increases appetite. In the past decade according to Ayurveda Paan namely called as Betel leaves are abundant of medical properties. The ideologies of Ayurveda stated and consider the leaf of paan is very light to digest and hot in potency. However, betel leaves are also used in various religious activities and are taken in to account as a pious thing in Hindu religion. It is rich in analgesic properties that give relief from ailment and pain. If you read further you will get to know that why it beneficial to consume paan on a daily basis.

  • Improves Digestion – consuming paan daily stimulates the release of saliva that further initiate in breaking down food enzymes and thereof improves digestion. Moreover, these betel leaves minimize the pressure of the digestive tract and enhance the efficiency of the digestive system.

  • Beneficial for oral health – if in your mind paan or betel leaves have some negative impact then erase it as chewing betel leaves is not a bad habit actually it refreshes the breath, rinses the mouth and averts tooth decay. In other terms according to the oral health expert eating paan helps aid in strengthening the gums and the teeth.

  • Treats cough- if you are unaware about the goodness of betel leaves then it is loaded with golly of antibiotics and reduces the inflammation caused due to coughing.
  • Arouses starvation- another good property of consuming paan betel leaves once in a day helps to flush out the toxins that further reinstates

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