Top 10 Courses Available at AFSER

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Many courses are offered by the Ateos Foundation for Science Education and Research (AFSER). These courses are beneficial for students of Pharmacy, Science and Technology, and Medical and Paramedical Sciences who want to improve their ability and skills in the field and improve their chances of finding work.

Here We Mention The Top 10 Courses Available at AFSER.

1. Certificate Course in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance: This course enables the student to learn and comprehend the basics of the pharmaceutical industry. This will teach the Total Quality Management System, the basics of the Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance System, and the practice of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance.

2. Basics of Medicinal ChemistryThis course will enable the student to explain the basics of medicinal chemistry. This course will teach you concepts like pharmacological action, the basics of ADME, the basics of nomenclature of heterocyclic compounds, and synthetic schemes in medicinal chemistry.

3. Certificate of Biopharmaceutics: Gear up your career in clinical care and drug sales to the next level with Certified Biopharmaceutical Professional Course. The course provides students with the fundamental concepts and strategies related to the clinical care-related process and the overall functioning methods of the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Short-Term Course in Family Medicine of Sensory Disorders: This course will enable the student to understand the basics of Family Medicine in the management of skin diseases and also the management of eye disorders, ear disorders, nose disorders, and throat disorders.

5.Recent Advances in Cancer Chemotherapeutics: This course will enable the student to understand the basics of advanced cancer chemotherapeutics, neck cancer chemotherapeutics, melanoma chemotherapeutics, and Breast cancer chemotherapeutics.

6.Paper Publishing in Medical and Science FieldsThis course will enable the student to understand and learn the basics of Paper Publishing in Medicine and Science Fields, basics of how to write a paper, basics of types of manuscripts, and basics of how to select the scientific topic.

7.Family Medicine for Symptomatic Relief: This course will enable the student to know the concept of Family Medicine of Diarrhea, Family Medicine of Dysentry, Family Medicine of Amoebiasis, Family Medicine of Nausea, Family Medicine of Vomiting, and Family Medicine of Vertigo.

8. Biochemistry( The Clinical Aspects): This course will enable the student to know and understand the basics of biochemistry (the clinical aspects). This will teach you biomolecules in clinical biochemistry, metabolism in clinical biochemistry, the basics of biochemical organs, and diagnosis in clinical biochemistry.

9. Clinical Epidemiology: The short-term training program will develop skills in assessing the creation and evaluation of diagnostic tests and help, clinicians, microbiologists, and pathologists make evidence-based options in picking and interpreting test results. This course is not available now but will be available soon.

10. Public Health Nutrition and Food Safety: This is a short-term period program, that will enable students to gain a basic knowledge of public health nutrition and food safety. It will also cover the basics of clinical food. Focus on nutrition: epidemiology, determinants of malnutrition, solutions to tackle malnutrition, anthropometric measurements, and policies that address malnutrition.

Pursuing a career in this field requires a lot of hard work and dedication. These are the top 10 courses from AFSER, and you can also explore books that are related to medicine, science, and technology. Visit the website for more:


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