Top 10 Products “The Black Edit ” from Mianzi with its Advantages


Mianzi, is a story with a purpose. This is a purpose-led home decor and furnishing brand. It is working to revolutionize and redefine sustainability through reimaging designs with our planet in mind. All our designs are hand-engineered and are made by our family of heritage from small villages in India. Each design is polygamy of craftsmanship, technology, and sustainability, carrying untold stories of a material that has deep roots in the history of India, of bamboo; who hold a generational passion for the craft and have almost lost it, of a product that has empowered hundreds of families, now bringing a meaning, a connection to your home.

We work in association with Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission (MPSBM) working under the National Bamboo Mission (NBM). MPSBM encourages and boosts the growth of quality bamboo, bringing in skilled artisans from all across the state and training them to promote competent designs that could capture national and international markets by making available advanced tools and equipment. Bamboo becomes the perfect raw material, which is sustainable and is being industrialized while promoting and nurturing all its subsidies and underlings to elevate creativity.

Let’s Take You Through Some of the Products in The Black Edit Range

The products are hand-made in the small villages of India by heritage craftsmen, these statement-making bamboo pieces are extremely small-batch and limited edition.

1. Podium Oval Tray S L -This Podium has another name ‘Sab Kuch stadium’ Its finish has this subtle design in an oval shape. Made up of steam-bent bamboo and stained to a rich black finish. This ‘Sab Kuch tray series comes in 4 sizes. The cork is used on top to provide a beautiful texture with a natural anti-slip surface making it easy to clean and maintain with minimal intervention. As the name says it could be used with ‘ Sab Kuch ’ in the literal sense. Available in sizes: Medium and large

2. Podium Round Table -This Podium has another name ‘Sab Kuch stadium’. Its finish has this subtle design in a circular shape. Made up of stained giant bamboo and stained to a matte finish. The cork used on the top has a special beautiful texture with an anti-slip surface making it easy to maintain. with minimum modern design. As for its name, when asked the answer would literally be ‘Sab Kuch. Available in sizes Medium and Large.

3. Opium Pendant lamp black edition -An earthy textured pendant gives an organic elan presence and a gentle warmth to any space. You could easily hang one in a cozy me-time nook, 2 in the living room above the center table, and 3 over the dining table or bar counter. It is timeless and ethereal, it is a one-of-a-kind pendant that is handwoven from locally grown bamboo.

Its intriguing structure provides a warm and modern lighting experience, sure to be an eye-catching piece. Wire length : 2 meter , Bulb : 40 watt bulb , Inches : 18 (diameter) x 10 (height)

4. Mira Round Mirror -This is a clean design that meets the natural beauty of sustainable, robust bamboo, masterfully crafted in remote villages of India. It is an exquisite organic finish. The sophisticated curved frame edge and soft round shape create an elegant vintage look. It is a combination of natural warm hues and a smooth round shape making this round mirror a stylish decorative mirror that would bring a touch of elegance to any hallway. Featuring world-class natural texture and an interesting palette handmade in an ethical environment. It takes 5+ days to complete. Available in three sizes: Small with 1.5 diameters (450 mm) ; Medium with 2 feet (600 mm); Large with 3 feet diameter(900 mm)

5. Mira Oval Mirror -This is a natural beauty of bamboo which has a sustainable and organic round finish. The soft curved round shape creates an elegant vintage look. It is a combination of natural hues and smooth round stylish decorative mirrors that would bring glory to any hallway. It is a piece that brings together craftspersons of all backgrounds. It would delight every ethical environment. It takes 5+ days to complete. Available in 2 sizes : small(900 mm) and large(1200 mm)

6. Butterfly Chair -This is an award-winning Mianzi Butterfly chair. It is an unconventionally new approach to redefining seating. It revolutionizes the age-old conventions of how chairs should be. Craftmade only material with technologically advanced yet sustainable resources these chairs eliminate the joints in chairs with advanced triangular geometry.

It’s warm and organic and has butterfly-like legs, chair is a breathing example of form and function done right. Delivering flat packed with simple two-minute assemble kit, adding fun to mundane furniture. These could be used indoors as well as outdoor use. This chair takes about 15-21 days to complete. This is an exclusive chair on our website.

7. Rad stool mini S L -This is a carbon-negative stool with a charismatic personality and exceptional usability. Hand-engineered using sustainable materials, the rad stool ascertains minimalism and versatility in your dining room or your kitchen seating. It is a sublimely stylish stool with its distinct sleek geometric frame and thoughtful radius of the seat. It has sturdy, streamlined legs with rubber feet to protect floors and a perfect height footrest – providing a clean, subtle elegance with an understated sophistication to any space.

Available in large, small and mini sizes.

– Pros of using sustainable furniture

8. Reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact -It is furniture for your home or office, the production, transport, sale, and recycling of furniture is responsible for energy consumption and can have a negative impact on nature and the environment. The more processed and complex materials, the more energy is needed to manufacture, process, and recycle them. They produce a certain amount of greenhouse gasses and their energy balance is generally negative. In short, investing in our sustainable and eco-friendly furniture allows you to live in a healthy environment while fighting against mass production and decreasing your ecological footprint, and protecting the environment.

9. Indoor air quality is often 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air quality -The harmful substances used by the furniture industry are indeed numerous. (heavy metals, VOCs, and formaldehyde..) They can diffuse into and pollute your indoor air for several years. VOCs can cause irritation, itching, headaches, breathing disorders, and more serious chronic diseases. They are found in certain particle board glues, foam padding, several types of coating, and also certain textiles and leathers

10. It prevents deforestation -Deforestation is the process of transforming the forest to clear land to make way for industrial properties like shopping and mining sites. Huge quantities of wood are used to make furniture every year. Environmental organizations are fighting to promote the responsible use of wood. If you care about the environment, you can start helping through simple things like opting for eco-friendly and being more responsible when it comes to recycling.

To explore more such environmentally friendly and sustainable furniture and even much more. We have various categories to choose from. Do take the courtesy to visit our website and shop with us. Website :


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