Top 10 Application and Advantages of Flanges


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When a piping joint requires to be dismantled, flanges are used. These are primarily used on equipment, valves, and special items. Breakout flanges are provided at predetermined intervals in certain pipelines where maintenance is a regular occurrence. The flanges, gaskets, and bolting make up a flanged joint, which is made up of three separate but interconnected components. To achieve a leak-proof joint, special controls are required in the selection and application of all these elements.

Let’s take you through some of the advantages and applications

Advantages :

1. able to assemble Easily in tight spaces where wrenches may not have clearance if traditional flange fittings are used. With moderate torque, they’re easier to put together.

2. In hard-to-reach areas where flexibility is required, adapters in the hose line, pipe, or tube can be removed.

3. Pipe connections, tubes, or large hose links with high pressure, vibration, or shock pressures that could damage traditional large hydraulic fittings more easily.

4. In rigid lines such as metal tubes or continuous pipes, making connections allows for easy maintenance.

5. In demanding hydraulic applications, reduce the chance of components becoming loose.

6. Require up to 75% less material than other connections, meaning lower weight and cost

Applications :

7. Plumbing – Soldering or fastening two sections of metal piping together can be done, but pipes connected this way are very vulnerable to nursing at high pressures. Flanged ends that can be linked with bolts provide a more secure connection between two sections of pipe. This ensures that the pipe will usually hold even if gasses or liquids build up to high pressures inside it.

8. Mechanics -It’s usually a good idea to use Stainless steel 304L flanges and bolts to link two sections of an oversized, enclosed area. A good example is a relationship between the engine and the transmission in a car. The engine and transmission case has several components that can be damaged quickly if they make contact with dust or other small items. Engineers link the outer shells of the engine and transmission to protect the internal workings of both.

9. Electronics -316; stainless steel is another kind of stainless steel that is used in the production of steel products. Flanges are important in cameras and other electronic devices. These in-camera systems and other digital equipment will not have to sustain heavy pressures; rather they connect two separate parts such as a lens glass and the rest of the camera’s body.

10. Oil and Gas Companies -The most common application for long weld neck flanges is on vessels that require a larger neck. This is a specialty flange because of the projecting neck or hub that serves as a regular extension. The tapered neck aims to minimize the steel’s thickness, giving it the appearance of pipe extensions. Steel long weld neck flanges are primarily used in industries with high levels of stress and temperature fluctuations, such as the crude oil and chemical industries.

Choosing the right flange with the right material and knowing the elements that it faces during the application that uses the piping method is critical. We hope that this blog will assist you in identifying the important factors to consider when purchasing flanges. To learn more about flange you can check on our website and if you like that purchase them with us we are not going to disappoint you, visit our official website


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