Top 10 Oxidized Jewelry Sets from Anshi Art Wholesale


At Anshi Art Wholesale, we take great pleasure in introducing our brand, a wholesaler and exporter of all varieties of jewellery like kundan, polki, american diamond, temple, oxidized, black metal, onyx, and much more. We have an army of over a thousand customers all over India. We assure you we procure quality and well designed products for all kinds of occasions like weddings, engagements, partywear, functional wear, and regulars too. Anshi Art takes priority on customer satisfaction and delivers the best products with 100% skin-friendly products.

Let’s take you through some of the oxidized necklaces.

1. Mirror choker set -This mirror choker set is so adorable, you can’t take your eyes off of it. It comes in a set with a necklace and earrings. The necklace is joined with 6/7 chain lines, making it heavy in look. The pendant and earrings have the same design with a half moon and flower in between them. It is filled with mirrors, giving it an exquisite choker set. It is made up of an alloy with gold plating, which weighs about 35 gms. Price: Rs. 115/-only

2. Barat choker set -This Oxidized barat choker set is ideal for brides. It is so pretty, with ancient folk designs of Palkhi and Barati people engraved on it. It has a heavy design with 2 people from Barat engraved on the earrings as well. This is an exclusive piece for weddings, made up of alloy with oxidized plating , weighing about 40 gms. Price: Rs. 150/-only

3. Oxy heavy necklace -This piece, as the name suggests, is a heavy oxidized necklace. It comes with a large and heavy pendant with an ancient design. This is ideal for garba and other night functions. It comes with small tingings all over the necklace, making it look so cute. It is made up of oxidized metal with silver plating on it, weighing about 80 gms. Price: Rs. 200/-only 4. Oxy-bali pendant set -This set is so beautiful with long neck pieces and a heavy pendant accompanied by long circle jhumkas. It looks elegant yet rich. It is ideal for garbha and other traditional functions. It is made up of an alloy with oxidized plating on it. It weighs about 50 gms and has a size of 18 inches. Price: Rs. 125/-only

5. Oxy multi color stone leaf necklace set -This oxidized stone leaf is such a unique one, with stones of all colors, making it all colorful. Stone leaf gives it a traditional look. This set comes with a long heavy pendant and similar earrings. Made up of oxidized stone, which weighs about 60 gms and is about 16 inches in length.Price: Rs. 225/-only

6. Mirror square necklace set – This oxidized mirror set with a mirror square makes it such a beautiful piece. This necklace set comes with oxidized mirrors all over with silver jewellery and a long length, along with earrings too. It is made up of oxidized metal and mirror stone and is about 18 inches long. Price: Rs. 225/-only

7. Bird Oxi red beads set -This art bird oxi set is made up of birds along with red beads, giving it an amazing look. The birds are alternatively attached as long necklaces or single birds as two earrings. Made up of a metal alloy with silver oxidized plating, weighing about 80 gms. Price: Rs. 140/-only

8. Long multi color meena circle design -This long oxidized meena circle design has an Indian Rajasthani look. This comes in two variations: silver and golden. It has heavy and short pieces, as well as a chain engrossed front. It has 2 single circle earrings to enhance the look. Made up of oxidized metal with silver plating, weighing 120 gms. -Price: only Rs. 225/-

9. Radha Krishna oxidized combo set -This oxidized set has a long length with a heavy pendant of Radha Krishna large idol attached as a pendant to it. It comes with round earrings and bangles too. This entire set is called so because it is themed around Radha Krishna. Made up of a metal alloy with oxidized plating weighing about 70 gms. Price: Rs. 275/-only

10. Silver ganesh choker set -This silver oxidized choker is such a piece. It has a Ganesha design over it with a single Ganesha on each earring. It has white endings all over the choker. It is made up of an alloy metal with German silver oxidized plating weighing about 35 gms. -Price: Rs. 125/-only.

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