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Our range of honey collections contains extraordinary health benefits with 100% pure natural quality honey. We built a thriving system in 2014 that met apiary requirements and supported our sustainable expansion. With accreditation for quality by our customers now our Honey is produced among Pristine Ranges of Western Rajasthan and Landscapes of Uttarakhand.

Let’s take through the flavors we offer in honey :

1. Indian Rosewood Honey -Raw honey when mixed with raw monofloral honey derived from bees that collect nectar from rosewood flowers also called the Sheesham tree. It is very thick and light golden in color with a subtle floral aroma. It excites your palate with delicious flavor. This is the purest form of honey that is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and unprocessed. It is full of antioxidants and helps to restore energy. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It helps improve blood circulation. Available in sizes 250 gms, 485gms, and 500 gms priced from Rs. 220 – 699/- only

2. Jujube -It comes with an unparalleled flavor of honey that is harvested from the bees that fly over large distances to extract the nectar from Ber Tree, also called Jujube. It comes with a unique taste that delights the palate. It helps regulate blood regulation, blood pressure, relief in Chronic constipation, and bone strength improvisation with an increase in Vitamin C levels. Jujubes are considered traditional Chinese medicine to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. Available in sizes 250gm, 485gms, and 500gms priced from Rs.220 – Rs. 699/- only

3. Acacia -This one is combined with beautiful white flowers of Acacia found in India and some regions of Kashmir Valley. It is characterized by having a very light color almost transparent with a light texture. It has a very neutral floral aroma and is one of the best-tasting honey in the world. It helps reduce constipation, prevent chronic diseases, and stimulate brain activity. Available in sizes 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1kg priced from Rs.525 – Rs. 1800/- only

4. Honey & nuts -This has a combination of honey and nuts. It serves as an energy and immunity booster. Walnuts and almonds are loaded with proteins, minerals, vitamins, and lots of dietary fiber. This help cut out bad cholesterol and LDL from the body and increase the level of good cholesterol HDL. It aids in weight loss. Raisins are a good source of iron and potassium, calcium and prevent anemia. Filled with nutrients it provides gut health and enhances memory. Available in size 485 gms at Rs. 450/- only

5. Amla -Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is a superfood that is rich in nutrients. Both of these honey and amla are really important foods in Ayurvedic Medicine. Preparation of Amla honey removes sour and bitterness from Amla making it a snack. It has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce related arthritis and related pain. It aids digestion and improves digestion. Being rich in fiber it reduces constipation and keeps your liver and keeps it healthy. It reduces the signs of aging and keeps you young for a long time. It is a rich source of Vitamin C to improve your immune system. Available in size 485 gms at Rs. 350/- only

6. Kashmir Kesar -Honey, when combined with saffron, also called a Kesar, forms a very delicious health food. Kesar also adds a new spiced taste to it. It is perfect for a breakfast table. Apart from distinctive taste and aroma it improves blood circulation, regulates menstruation, and reduces fever and inflammation. It helps with vitality and anti-depression properties which affect in elevating mood. It is aphrodisiac for impotency. It has cancer-fighting properties and improves memory in adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Available in sizes 100gm, 250gms, and 485 gms priced Rs. 200 – Rs. 850 /- only

7. Black pepper -Honey and black pepper have had various medicinal properties since ancient times. It has antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It works as an antidepressant. It is gastro-protective in nature and enhances the function of the digestive tract. Better digestion leads to better gut health. Improves eye-sight, fights diabetes, and rejuvenates the skin. Available in sizes 250 gms and 485 gms priced at Rs. 250 and Rs. 450 respectively.

8. Cinnamon -When you consume cinnamon honey on a regular basis it boosts your immune system and protects you from bacteria and viruses. Both are rich sources of antioxidants and have antibacterial properties which improve digestive and stomach-related ailments. It benefits improving gut health. Used as arthritis, bladder infection, and lower risk of heart disease. Available in sizes 250 gms and 485 gms priced at Rs. 250 – Rs. 450 /- only

9. Ginger -When honey is infused with ginger it becomes double powerful ginger, honey. Ayurveda says it helps in digestion and enhances the properties of anything it is mixed with. It promotes health and acts as a great digestive aid. This infusion helps cure sore throat and cold too. Available in sizes 250 gms and 485 gms priced at Rs. 250 and Rs. 425/- only

10. Tulsi -Tulsi, and honey when combined together act as Ayurvedic folk medicine. It brings in all the benefits of Tulsi and Raw honey. Loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids, and healing compounds. It strengthens the respiratory system and soothes the effects of cold and cough. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Available in sizes 250 gms and 483 gms priced at Rs. 250 & Rs. 425/- only

To explore various benefits of honey through different flavors, do take the courtesy to check our official website and purchase with us.


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