Top 10 Baby Essential Products at Lil Amigos Nest Must-Haves: A List for First-Time Parents


It is tempting to imagine that when your newborn will come, you will require lots of stuff and important equipment. Lil Amigos is here to solve your problem with an amazing range of baby products. They provide good quality and a varied range of baby essential products.

Let’s explore the top 10 baby essential products at Lil Amigos Nest must-haves: A list for first-time parents.

1. MamaEarth 15’S PK O.BAMBOO WIPES: Whether you’re changing a diaper or want to wipe up a baby’s face after a feeding, for your baby’s delicate skin Mamaearth`s Bamboo Based Baby Wipes are gentle and safe. It is pediatrician tested, hypoallergenic wipe, soft and ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin. These wipes treat rashes, redness, dryness and cracked skin without any irritation.

2. Baby Moo Crumb Catcher Waterproof Feeding Bib: This bib is specially crafted to promote self-learning in babies.The bib is crafted from soft material and is comfortable. Adjustable neck for comfort and longevity as the child grows. These waterproof feeding bibs are easy to clean, just wipe down with warm soapy water.

3. Love Baby- washcloth for KidNapkin: This is soft and gentle on your kids delicate skin, Perfect as Burp Cloth & Saliva Towel. Also, absorbent and breathable fabric is ideal for keeping your little one dry and clean.

4. Kicks and Crawl- Cloudy dreams baby pillow: Beautifully designed puffed and soft pillow to provide your baby with a soft and comfortable sleep. The extra support will also help your baby in developing correct, comfortable postures and is also designed to make sure that the baby’s neck is not strained.

5. PIGEON 26111 SOFTOUCH NPL SS: A baby pacifier is a must for babies when not nursing them, and can instantly stop them from crying. The round-shape fitting cover also ensures that the safety and hygiene of the pacifier are always maintained. This is also super convenient to carry wherever you go.

6. Love Baby-Diaper bag Red: This is a diaper bag full of details designed for moments when you are out with your baby. This is water-resistant and the spills could be wiped off easily. Impressive looks and designs make this bag more adorable.

7. Rabitat Silicone Fruit Feeder: This product is designed in candy-like colours that are suitable for babies. It is also a comfortable way to teach our little ones to solid food while they go through the weaning and teething phase because we value you and your baby’s comfort and convenience.

8. Baby Moo-Good 60 ml Glass Feeding Bottle: 100% soft, toxic-free, odourless and tasteless so that your baby tastes nothing but the feed. You can also take the bottle outdoors without concern about any leakage due to its Spill-Proof cap.

9. Heyday Natural & Organic Small Baby Diapers: The diaper is made up of soft breathable material that is soft on the baby’s skin. The layer develops a large absorbing area and helps in uniform liquid distribution and helps the diaper to keep your baby dry. This soft diaper keeps your baby comfortable all day as well as at night.

10. Tots and Tykes-PRINTED CLOTH DIAPER: These cloth diapers are washable and highly absorbent that keep your baby dry for a minimum of 4-5 hrs. These diapers are extremely cute. Pairing these with a cute T-shirt in summer will make your kids look adorable.

Lil Amigos nest has a wide variety of baby products. Visit our website and explore a wide range of products for your child. Here you’ll find all the necessary products for your child’s better care and development.


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