Adorn Your Homes with These Top 10 Sustainable Lighting


Just like every story has a purpose, even Mianzi has a purpose-driven story, and that is home decor and furnishing. We work to revolutionise and redesign sustainability by reimagining design while keeping our planet Earth in mind. All designs are made and hand woven by our artisan family. Mianzi holds a perfect blend of craftsmanship, technology, and untold stories about a material like bamboo that has deep roots in the history of India. Each product here has empowered hundreds of families, which brings meaning and a connection to your home.

  1. Opium Pendant Lamp, Black Edition :-This is an exclusive earthy-textured pendant lamp edition, which brings an organic touch to your rooms with its elegant colour and high-toned style. Be it your hall, dining table, or bar counter, this piece is a timeless beauty, woven from locally grown bamboo. The intriguing structure provides a warm and practical lightning bolt that grabs and holds all the attention in any room.
  2. Lotus Pendant Lamp :-This is a new-fangled, lotus-structured lamp, translating the tempo of purity and serenity. This lamp enhances the aura of any room it’s placed in. Hand-woven from bamboo with a structure rarely seen in hand-produced designs, making them exquisite with the tranquil vibrancy of the natural world. The Lotus Pendant Lamp tells us more about interior lighting, considering dynamic materials and reimagining in an eco-friendlier way. The unconventional shape is a rare one, making it an eye-catching centrepiece for your living space. Available in colours like Indigo Blue, Natural Bamboo, Sweet Tangerine, and Tuscan Sun.
  3. Lotus Floor Lamp :- Lamps help to levitate lightning in any space with minimal environmental impact, as they are made entirely from bamboo. The Lotus Floor takes its design cues from the aestivation pattern of a lotus flower. The frame retains the organic texture of bamboo with an aesthetic touch of hue, with slender legs that climb all the way up to the shade top from the tripod base. The natural linen shade creates a soft, diffused light that reduces harsh shadows while adding a contemporary edge to the design. This is incredibly lightweight, so it can be moved easily depending on your needs. It will make a statement whether it’s in your living room, beside the office desk, or in your bedroom. Available in colours like Natural Bamboo, Sweet Tangerine, Tuscan Sun, and Indigo Blue.
  4. Seashell Lamp :- This Seashell Lamp is inspired by a seashell. This sustainable pendant from Mianzi is a playful poetry of bamboo where warm light filters from the rhyme of precisely arranged bamboo strips, forming a seashell structure. Just like small drops of pearl waving at the walls from behind, casting shadows and capturing the sense of continual movement and elegance, it adds to its bit of unique association. Entirely hand-designed, this lamp is collapsible and can be flat packed, saving space while offering you several unique structural configurations and causing a minimal shipping footprint. It’s a versatile lamp that illuminates any space in your house.
  5. Mushroom Pendant Lamp :- This Mushroom Pendant Lamp is handwoven from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo, which brings a breezy, natural feel to your home. Warm light filters through the intricate, spick-and-span weaving, exhibiting the lively characteristics of your personality. Look for stylish items that will become a topic of conversation for your guests. This organic lamp is hand-painted and available in a non-toxic, organic colour palette. A minimalist design complements other pendants to create a dynamic texture over your bar table or living room corner. Available in Tuscan Sun, Sweet Tangerine, Indigo Blue, and Natural Bamboo.
  6. Mushroom Floor Lamp :-This mushroom floor design is handmade and looks unconventional with tripod legs and a handwoven lampshade. A testimonial to remarkable Indian craftsmanship. It is used to deftly split strips of bamboo with no glue, but with the ancestral art of hand weaving combined with patented modern technology to curtain differences and give the product a clean and smooth finish. The sharp design and brass-tipped feet of this green contemporary floor lamp will add wholeness and timelessness to your space in your house. It can be easily flat-packed, stored, and moved. The two-minute assemblage adds to its simplicity of structure. Available in colours like Natural Bamboo, Indigo Blue, Sweet Tangerine, and Tuscan Sun.
  7. Firefly Pendant Lamp :- This Firefly Pendant Lamp brings a sense of aliveness to your space with its unusual lights projecting in a firefly structure. Hand designed from sustainable natural bamboo, these cast pretty shadows when they’re lightened up. The warm tones of natural bamboo work beautifully on this sleek pendant, like swarms of fireflies whirring pleasantly above, redefining your dining space to a bar counter.
  8. Orbit Pendant Lamp :- This orbit pendant has an earthy textured pendant that brings an organic elan presence and a gentle warmth to any space. One could be hung in any cosy corner, two above any centre table, or three above the dining table or bar counter. This one-of-a-kind pendant is handwoven from locally grown bamboo. This intriguing structure provides a warm and practical lighting experience, sure to be an absolute stunner. When illuminated, the light diffuses through the small opening of the pendant, forming a fascinating silhouette. The modern ceiling light comes equipped with a field adjustable suspension cord and will be perfect for both commercial and residential settings.
  9. Opium Pendant Lamp :- This opium-earthy-textured pendant brings an organic elan presence and a gentle warmth to any space. This antique and ethereal one-of-a-kind pendant is handwoven from locally grown bamboo. Its exquisite structure provides a warm and pleasant lighting experience. Light diffuses through small openings in the pendant, forming a fascinating design. This will be perfect for both commercial and residential settings. Available in colours like Natural Bamboo, Indigo Blue, Sweet Tangerine, Tuscan Sun, and Snowflake Obsidian.
  10. Tulip Pendant Lamp :- The textured organic tulip bowls pour sunny light over a dining table or any home or work setting with design statement drama. Handcrafted with locally grown bamboo, the single bulb pendant light has a contemporary structure with intricate clean details. The artistic design of this one brings in the echo heritage of Indian weaving and craftsmanship. Subtle and elegant as a single pendant or dramatic as a set. Each one has its own muse to steal your heart away. Available in colours like Natural Bamboo, Indigo Blue, Sweet Tangerine, and Tuscan Sun.

To adorn your homes with these modish yet fancy, naturally-made lights, explore our artistic designs. Do take the courtesy of visiting our website and selecting from a variety of collections in an eco-friendly manner.


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