Top 10 beautiful wedding decor products available at lamansh


Wedding season is on, venue, dates all sorted but now the real hustle starts here. Amongst all, decoration is the thing that will storm your brain and pocket too. Finding the best type of wedding decors is not at all an easy task and is something that requires a lot of energy and a bit of knowledge and creative thinking to make it a unique and alluring one. So, bringing here for you the best online market to discover the most beautiful range of variety in the wedding decor material and they are having the beautiful type of colors and designs in it and also provide to you wholesale products at most reasonable prices.

Top 10 best-selling wedding decors, available at Lamansh:-

  1. Wall Decor Dreamcatcher (pack of 10): The name only gives the vibe of something dreamy and enlightening, like a dream coming true. So, this decoration product is no less than that. Having a beautiful combination of colors, with the artistic threading patterns
  2. Indian Wedding decoration Umbrellas: The Indian design umbrellas are yet another amazing type of decor to add to your wedding. It just elevates the whole venue and gives a very quirky vibe. You can hang these on backdrops, or just tie with threads randomly or keep them on the floor and many more ways are there to use this prop as your wedding decor.
  3. Net fabric decorative hanging (Pack of 10): This beautiful decorative hanging is made completely of net fabric and beautifully combined with patterns to fill up the empty spaces in a picture-perfect way. Explore the wide variety available here for net fabric hangings.
  4. Multicolor decorative square showpiece (pack of 10): Square showpieces are in trend in weddings nowadays. They not just take your whole decoration to the next level but make it look more happening. Different colors add to make the decor a vibrant and colorful one along with giving an aesthetic vibe.
  5. Pair Rajasthani Handcrafted Handmade Katputli (pair pack of 5): Adding Handcrafted Katputli is totally magnificent. Looks adorable and traditional at the same time. The fact that they are handmade makes it even more endearing and gives a total wedding vibe when decorated.
  6. Artificial marigold flower garland: Without the flowers, especially the marigold ones, wedding decoration feels incomplete. The brightening yellow color is a total vibe for Haldi, mehndi, or the-day decor. So, Lamansh has brought for you this artificial marigold flower garland to give your decoration a flowery charisma.
  7. Handcrafted Rajasthan Kite Hanging with Flower Garland: Rajasthani decors hold a complete inbound charm. And, putting those in wedding decor makes the whole setup an awe-inspiring one. Hang the handcrafted kites to the empty corners or just randomly through threads. Anyway, it’s only going to elevate the whole decor.
  8. Hanging Line Latkans for front door: Latkans are one of the most traditional and must-haves for Indian wedding decor. They come in delightful colors and patterns to enhance the beauty of the whole decor. Use it, at doors or walls, or backdrops, or anywhere. They give a full versatility to use them as decor.
  9. Cotton foldable lantern: Lantern, itself looks very vintage and classy, at the same time. And, cotton foldable lanterns are something that looks really exquisite and adorable. It just adds a perfect radiance, brightness, and style to the decor setup. something that everyone would have their eyes on.
  10. Marigold Flowers Wall Door Hanging Latkan Toran with Bells Rajasthani Style: This wedding decoration is a combination of marigold flowers along with the Latkan Toran and the beautiful traditional Rajasthani bells. The best part about this is, you are getting everything here, at the most reasonable price, like an all-in-one at the cost of one.

Well, the list is not over yet. Discover a wide variety and best decor products for the wedding decor. Visit their website to explore more and add the best decor to your wedding venue.


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