Top 10 most affordable perfumes on AAR fragrances.


Finding a good fragrance, and keeping it budget-friendly is not as easy as it seems to be. A good-scented fragrance of course not only brightens your day with its heart-melting aroma but adds a sense of happiness and radiance in others’ lives too. So, introducing to you AAR fragrances, a collection of a varied range of fragrances for both men and women. Explore the best brands, having absolutely magnificent notes in them with stunning strong smells. So, stop looking more for the best perfumes and check out the Top 10 most affordable ones here, which you are surely going to fall in for.

Top 10 most affordable fragrances by AAR Fragrances

  1. Decant of Nautica Voyage-N83 – This is one of the best perfumes available at best price from Aar Fragrances. It is available only for Rs 299/- This Aromatic Aquatic fragrance for men embraces sea notes, spicy mint and petitgrain; middle notes are cardamom, nutmeg and lavender; base notes are musk, sandalwood and cedar.
  2. Decant of Franck Olivier Oud Touch – Oud Touch by Franck Olivier is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. It is available only for Rs 299/-. It’s a blend of orange, raspberry and caramel. It has pleasant base notes of amber, musk and vanilla.
  3. Decant of Jaguar Classic Gold – Jaguar Company, known for luxurious and visually appealing cars, expands their collection of perfumes with two brand new editions. It is available at Rs 299/-. These are fragrances for men Jaguar Classic Gold and Jaguar Classic Red available in characteristic flacons, as those of previous editions Jaguar, Classic Black and Classic Amber.
  4. Decant of Franck Olivier Night Touch – Night Touch by Franck Olivier is a fragrance for men. This comes at a best deal of Rs 299/-. It smells like pineapple, bergamot and cardamom; stormy middle notes are geranium, jasmine, nutmeg and violet; base notes are amber, vetiver, moss, musk and patchouli.
  5. Decant of Jacques Bogart One Man Show Oud Edition – One Man Show Oud Edition by Jacques Bogart is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. It is available for Rs 279/-. Its top notes are bergamot, galbanum and red thyme; middle notes are spices, geranium and agarwood (oud); base notes are papyrus, patchouli and leather.
  6. Decant of Titan Skinn Verge – Revel in the masculine mystery of France, brought together in this masterful piece of craft by the best of French artisans. This is the perfect fragrance to flaunt your way, be it a casual day out, or an eventful meeting, or that sensuous date, this is your perfect pal forever. It is specially crafted for men for whom winning is more than just an emotion, it is a definite reality they live with. It is available only for Rs 279/-
  7. Decant of Titan Skinn Amalfi Bleu – Magically suspended between the blue sky and the iridescent sea, this refreshing aquatic scent transports you to the azure waters of the Amalfi Coast. It is available for Rs 349/- This fragrance captures the spirit of the blooming flowers and fluttering orange leaves in the cool Mediterranean breeze.
  8. Decant of Davidoff Cool Water – Cool Water is fresh and sharp, simple and very masculine. It is available for Rs 329/- Top notes include mint and green nuances, lavender, coriander and rosemary. The heart notes include geranium, neroli, jasmine and sandalwood. The base is composed of cedarwood, musk, amber and tobacco.
  9. Decant of Jacques Bogart Silver Scent Deep – Silver Scent Deep by Jacques Bogart is a Oriental Fougere fragrance for men. It is available for only Rs 399/- Top notes are orange, orange blossom and grapefruit; middle notes are clary sage, nutmeg and geranium; base notes are vanilla, tonka bean, hazelnut and woody notes.
  10. Decant of Rasasi Esraa for Women – Esraa by Rasasi is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. It is available for Rs 399/- Top notes are bergamot, ylang-ylang and saffron; middle notes are orris root, cedar and gurjan balsam; base notes are ambrette and sandalwood.

There are many more different types of fragrances that you can find on this platform, and you would be amazed by the reasonable prices they provide to you. Visit their website here, and, find your perfect fragrance, at the cost you were looking for.


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