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Inara Home Decor is a mere product of compassion for natural interior home decor. This store deals with a varied range of Interior decor accessories and design ideas. It was founded by Mona Bahl in 2020. It was the result of her passion for objects and creative eye to break the niche of typical furniture which led to the creation of this store .

It is purely an expression of her vision for a sophisticated lifestyle, where innovation immaculates luxury and it’s fine state. Her enthusiasm has led to such unique pieces which sprinkle it’s pixie dust into every house they go. Adding a personal touch of one’s who see the niche and buy them for their houses.

Let’s have a look at a few of them in a brief manner

1. Round Ribbed Patina Planter -This planter is made up of metal having a heavy build in black color. These are available in a brilliant finish of powder coating making this perfect for all purpose to occupy the empty corners in your balcony. Making a significant move to the decor. These come in two sizes Medium and Large and are picked up according to requirements .

2. Twin Metal Gold Planter -This one has an unique design with two planters giving it the name Twin Planter . Its vibrant designs make it stand out from other planters with the capacity to hold 2 plants also called as a set. Being the perfect charm for your contemporary homes . As they are made up of metal you can wipe them with clean cloth. 

 3. Round Metal Gold Planter -This planter is similar to the Round Ribbed Patina Planter made up of Gold giving it an exquisite look to empty corners in your room. Used at higher variation to give an elevated look for the planter. These could easily light up your center tables in halls and in fact any room making it .

4. Wall Planters Black and Gold -Leviate your wall spaces with these unique accents. These look stunning on walls and are all time favorites combinations with subtle wall backgrounds. These are made up of powder coated aluminum. These fit best on outdoor walls lighting up your balcony walls leaving a mark of aesthetic.

5. Wall Planter Patina -Enliven your wall spaces with these unique wall planters . These are the most decent wall pieces that would light up any wall up with small scrubs and little flowering plants . These come in a bunch of 4 and 6 according to the requirements. These simplistic designs are the main attraction in addition to its patina color making it unique from the rest .

6. Leopard Face Sculpture -This one is definitely an eye catcher amongst all of the decor in our collection. As you can see from its name, structure and way it’s finely sculptured into a leopard’s face. This is made up of resin. This makes it stand out from all .This piece goes perfectly as a centerpiece of any furniture in your house such as center table or corner table with a side light making it shine bright along with its structure. The black base makes it more prominent .     

7. Rabbit Planter -This is quite a charming piece which would go totally with any furniture piece. The rabbits add a luxurious yet funny character to it. Make it an attraction to kids as well as their parents along with them. White color of it brings in a spell of peace inside your house. It can be used for medium sized plants and gives it a subtle look.

8. Bunny with the cart – These two bunnies carrying carts are absolutely adorable pieces. Bunnies add a bit of fun yet decent look to it . These would totally go with any of your shelves , mantle and many other display units .

9. White Rabbit Planter -This is just like the rabbit planter mentioned in the list before. This piece has a round shaped planter with a bunny at its front being an attractive symbol. It can be used to keep small scrubs in it making it a bliss to have site on.

10. Round Ribbed Black Patina -This could make any mantle stylish and aesthetic with its color. The built structure makes it tough and rigid from its appearance. Black color makes it stand out from the Plain Ribbed Patina 

These happen to be few of the elegant home decor we would come across which would steal attention of the visitors the minute it catches attention. Do take the courtesy to visit our website and buy one for your house right away.


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