Let the tradition reflect in your attire with Mystic Loom’s astonishing collection


You may have a lot of pretty ethnic dresses like kurta and suits. You even love them to wear for casual and occasion purposes. But then at any other occasion, you don’t want to repeat the same, right. Don’t you think you expect a tricky trick to wear a simple ethnic dress on repeat without making others realize it? Yes! We are talking about fashionable phulkari dupattas to add to your ethnic dresses. One of the leading brands, Mystic loom, is here to add color, elegance and versatility to your ethnic looks. Mystic loom is a wonderful platform where you can find an incredible range of variety in phulkari dupattas. They have vibrant colors and unique designs available in their collection, hand-picked especially from Punjab to bring out the authentic weaves for you. So, let’s start to explore here to jazz up your simple outfit with Mystic loom phulkari dupattas- colorful, embroidered, and attractive to look at. 

1. Angelic Spell Peach: This amazing design of the Mystic loom with elegant forever charm. This peach angelic spell phulkari can help you in making a perfect outfit for many occasions and events. This chiffon phulkari dupatta has vibrant color combinations and has outstanding contours and designs.  

2. Blending Mist: The amazing modern craft along with the phulkari design with colorful patterns is something that you should have in your wardrobe as it can be used with many different outfits. This phulkari gives out that subtle, glam luster that is sure to make you fall in love with this design and you absolutely look gorgeous.  

3. Cherry Blossoms: Bloom your style with this beautiful phulkari dupatta with a small flower design and vibrant color. You can pair it perfectly with your different types of ethnic wear and it has the elegance to carry any outfit. You will look classy and gorgeous with this cherry blossom phulkari collection. 

4. Color Fiesta: This amazing handcrafted embellished Phulkari Dupatta from Mystic Loom goes perfectly with any outfit and also perfectly goes with a bridal dress. This will enhance any outfit and even your personality! It’s got beauty with charm. you must have one color fiesta phulkari in your collection  

5. Cosmic Dreams– Jazz up your clothes with this beautiful phulkari dupatta. Cosmic dreams are also available in many colors which will enhance your beauty and complete the entire look with elegance. This is a perfect choice for you to have in your wardrobe.  

6.Eternal love: Phulkari Dupatta in chiffon material is yet another beautiful collection of Mystic looms and it is incredible for matching with different types of printed ethnic wear. A modern aesthetic, this beautiful phulkari is ideal for special moments of celebration that we love.  

7. Picturesque Pop: The elegant design of this phulkari dupattas is another best collection of Mystic loom. This chiffon phulkari is embroidered in intricate silk threads, accentuated with red and gold beads which will give you a different vibe of elegance.  

8. Spring Melody: The most beautiful collection of this chiffon material in the phulkari design will enfold you with its elegance and beauty. Pair it with your most admired kurta set to get the perfect ethnic look. This is perfect for those who love to keep it simple and modest. 

9. Vintage Aura– This chiffon phulkari is the perfect definition of elegance, eternity and royalty. Pair it with an elegant kurta and minimal jewelry, this dupatta completely adds charm and beauty to your style.  

10. Lullaby: This phulkari with the same color attire to have a perfect monotone elegant classy look. Which you can match perfectly with the traditional and ethnic suits and Kurtis. Pair it with your colorful kurta to get the classic ethnic look. 

So, ladies, upgrade your ethnic game by adding Mystic loom phulkari dupattas. Wear it, put it on and drape it around the way you like. Go to our website and shop your favorite one from our collections of Mystic loom phulkari dupatta to shine through and dazzle out like a queen. 

Visit Website for shopping here- https://www.mysticloom.com/ 


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