Redefine your Home and Office Decor with these 10 Natural, Eco-Friendly Products


The term eco- friendly only fills one with a green, refreshing vibe. In a world full of plastic and metal decorations, eco-friendly and natural products are the best to use. They give you the feeling of doing your part of something good for the environment and can also be the best type of adding some lively decoration for a healthy environment in your home. These types of products are not just aesthetically beautiful, but create a natural aura around them.

Today, we will be exploring some of the astonishing products from ONEarth collection for your home and office decor for giving it a complete natural and eco-friendly makeover.

1. Recycled Paper Vintage Journal -There is nothing better than a journal, like a Vintage book. Journals are aesthetically beautiful and are a perfect notebook to write down about your feelings or your days. The Journal made of recycled paper with a vintage look is the best type of decor to have in your office.

2. Donut Vase -They have a beautiful collection available in the donut shaped vases, you can decorate them in your room or your living room as they will be covering a corner in a very beautiful and aesthetic way.

3. Soy Wax Candle – Coconut Shell -What can be more beautiful than a wax candle in the shell of a coconut? They will be providing you with the most beautiful and pleasant looking wax candle with an outer look of coconut shell and you can see how much natural and beautiful vibe this product can bring in the house.

4. Jute Laundry Bag -Laundry bags are essential for home purposes and these bags, when made of jute, can give a whole new beautiful and graceful type of look to the overall home and of course are useful for your home too.

5. Jute bags/ planters -On Earth provides you with the perfect type of jute bags and planters for your little home garden decoration and adorn them beautifully. They can just add on that extra fresh and green charm, wherever gets placed.

6. Basket With Lid Water Reed (Kauna Grass) -Kauna grass, a total multi-purpose product for your home or office. It not just looks great to keep at your home or office but acts like a storage box too. You could easily put anything in it, pacers, clothes or even use it as a dustbin. It will carry any of the mentioned usage very beautifully, without making any chaos around.

7. Natural Rock Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp -Salt lamps are the most unique and amazing of all for your home or office decor. They just change and turn the entire glance of the place around it. A bit majestic, a bit divine and soothing to your soul and spreading light and shine- that’s how you could define this Himalayan Salt Lamp.

8. Cloth Pegs (Bamboo) -Because its name is cloth peg, don’t mistake it as just used for cloth hanging or cloth related purposes. You can definitely and easily use it for various other DIY projects, whether in your room or your office, for holding and hanging through some amazing photographs, important papers or essential docs or any particular notice and many more. You can creatively put it along and see what a change it brings to your place.

9. Black Jute Rope Baskets / Planters -On Earth has this really alluring black coloured jute rope baskets, which could also be used as Planters. Place it at any corner or by your sofa-side or at your balcony area. This will give the whole place a complete make-over from a total dull to a refreshing one.

10. Luxury Scented Candle with Cork Lid – Soy Wax Scented candles are the best type of luxury home decor that are easily affordable here. It comes with a pleasant aroma, along with a candle and cork lid. Add it to your shelves or tables and desks, it will just level up the entire look of the place, spreading around more magical and calming ambiance.

Enhance the beauty of your home or office with these exquisite decor ideas. Naturally-made, eco-friendly and beyond just beautiful. You definitely need to explore more of our amazing products to choose the best one to upgrade your decor.


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