Top 10 Benefits of Ready-to-Cook Curry Pastes


Ready to cook curry pastes, like West India Spice Co’s Apothecurry, are an amazing creation! Curry Pastes have quickly become popular, and everyone has been talking about them. They are economical and are easy to use! Let’s explore the top 10 benefits of ready-to-cook curry pastes and find out whether they are worth the hype!

Top 10 Benefits of Ready-to-Cook Curry Pastes

  1. No need to learn cooking –Sometimes it becomes very difficult to cook exactly as shown in recipe videos and dole out the perfect dish! With curry pastes, you do not need a lot of cooking skills.
  2. Faster than traditional way of cooking –When using curry pastes, you do not need to chop onions, grind ginger garlic or measure spices. All the ingredients are present in curry pastes in premeasured quantities. Hence, it is much faster than traditional cooking methods.
  3. Easy to prepare –There are no difficult processes involved. It is as easy as adding water or milk to curry paste and veggies or meat.
  4. Can be used anytime, anywhere –You can even carry them while you are travelling and that is the best part as they can be used anytime and anywhere. Therefore, you need not worry about your food when travelling to remote locations or places outside India.
  5. Only one can be used for many dishes –Single curry paste can be used to make multiple dishes! For example, Apothecurry’s rassa masala can be used to make chicken curry, biryani and missal! Isn’t that great!
  6. Safe to use –Cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in the complete process of curry paste manufacturing.
  7. Make food for party –Cooking for guests becomes stress-free using curry pastes. Food for 8-10 people can be easily cooked in less than an hour.
  8. Quick snack –Using curry pastes, you can make a delicious, quick snack for yourself in 15-20 minutes! Therefore, it is the best type of cooking material to have in your home.
  9. Surprise your family –If you are known for your terrible cooking skills in your family, you can surprise them by whipping up delicious meals using curry pastes.
  10. Value for money –Using curry pastes is a far more economical option than ordering food from restaurants.

West India Spice Co’s Apothecurry is amazing brand of ready-to-cook curry pastes that are delicious and can be used to cook, both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You will find these curry pastes on their website,


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