Top 10 Ideas and Planters to Shop for Indoor Decor by Urbano.


Urbano is a trusted source for shopping sustainable indoor supplies and plants to make your surroundings lively. This particular article exhibits a Few planter varieties available with Urbano including some decor ideas. Do give it a read.

1. Try out our Fiberglass Planters is a great product for home decoration. Plant beautiful indoor plants to give a classy touch to your house. Buy beautiful planters online from Urbano at an affordable price.

2. Check out our Wood Succulent Planter. Wood succulent planter is suitable for indoor plants. It has a unique square shape. Wood succulent planter is ideal to decorate the interior and add beauty to your home because of its decorative properties. You can keep them indoors, at your dinner table or study table.

3. By putting our efforts, we make our Wood Succulent Planters by using Segun wood which you know for its high quality. We varnish them with waterproof paint because we want to increase their shelf-life. We make them using wood which makes them an eco-friendly product.

4. Try our Pinewood Planter Stand Tabletop pinewood planter is one of our best-selling products. We know that the pinewood planters are one of the rarest. Therefore, we are making it available for you. We are supplying you with the Tabletop pinewood planter at a very affordable price. Our people from northeast India are working for you so as to supply the finest products for interior decoration.

5. Some of the suggestions for indoor plants that one can use to plant in Pinewood planters are the Money plant, Golden Money Plant, Green Money Plant, Queen Marble Money Plant, and Marble Prince Money Plant. These are the highly chosen plants for these planters.

6. Check out our Jute Planter Online Urbano strives to promote sustainable living. Hence, we at Urbano, offer you our environmentally friendly products to ensure that we leave the least carbon footprint behind.

7. Purchase our decorous Jute Planter at a reasonable cost and we will deliver it to your doorstep. This planter is cylindrical in shape and is available in three sizes, 6 inches, 8 inches, es, and 10 inches. It also has two handles on either side to lift and carry it with ease. It is suitable for indoors and outdoor covered spaces such as the living room, balcony, patio, and roofed terraces.

8. Furthermore, it has yellow, blue, and white-colored tassels around it. The planter gets a traditional and attractive look because of the decorative tassels. Additionally, this brown planter gives a natural look to your interiors because of its inherent brown color. We, at Urbano, provide eco-friendly products to ensure leaving the least carbon footprint. Purchase this beautiful planter at a reasonable price and join us to promote sustainable living.

9. You can decorate your house with it. Also, you can choose planters for this plant. We offer a wide range of planters for you. Some of them are Fiberglass square-shaped planter, Kauna grass planter, Simple cotton planter, Golden rural planter, and many more. You can also check the stand for these. There are many categories of planter stand that we offer. It includes a Pinewood planter stand and a Wooden Planter stand.

10. There are many indoor plants also that you can check. Some of them are Tangled heart plant, Fiddle leaf plant, etc., You can also get the rubber plant on our website.

We, at Urbano, are on a mission to create awareness about the utilization of handmade products to spice up beauty and decoration. There are many stages of validation that follow before we deliver the final product to our customers. We ensure that the delivery of the product gets on time and the plants are in their best condition. We also want our clients to take the proper care of the plants we deliver.


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