Top 10 Decor Ideas from The Inara Home Decors


The store deals with a wide range of interior décor accessories and design ideas. And the response she gets from the patrons, delights her endlessly. We thoroughly enjoy the one-on-one interaction with the clients, big project or small. And it makes all the effort worthwhile when the customers come back and tell us that they’re in love with their space all over again after Inara makeover.

  1. Banana Leaf Wall Candlestand online Made of Metal & Glass. This hand-crafted piece may have slight irregularities and imperfections which only add to the uniqueness to your decor. In the Roman era, owls were considered symbolic of wisdom and wealth. Look at this majestic owl figurine that we bring to you. Display this enchanting piece on your side table or on the bookshelf for some visual interest!
  2. Adorn your interior walls in ultimate luxury with this stunning ceramic wall plate.
  3. A perfect decorative piece to complement any room and a perfect gift idea for all occasions for any collector or addition to your own home.
  4. Enliven your wall spaces with unique wall accents. These metal wall planters are super practical and look stunning in the all-time favourite combinations.
  5. An aged aura and a vintage feel define this epitome of regal decor. The graceful work and intricate carvings add to the dimension and elegance. Undeniably nostalgic and definitely charming, this timepiece also embraces Victorian charm.
  6. Track the time in style with this Round Mesh Wall clock. Minimal chic and an eye-catching item hung on a wall. Let it set the tone for your style.
  7. Undeniably charming, this timepiece embraces modern convenience with ease. A unique and eye-catching addition to your home, this quirky piece will create an ambiance of sophisticated elegance.
  8. Adorn your wall space with this quirky wall art. Cluster 2-4 of these together for a greater visual display.
  9. Our Stunning Blue Ceramic planters are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Put these in step succession to create a unique focal point in your house.
  10. A classic round shaped planter stand in matte finish comes with five legs that can be assembled easily. These bases are most handy to give levels to all decor accents to make a greater visual impact. Add life to any empty space or corner by placing indoor plants on it with a variety of greens and flowering plants that will look beautiful.


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