Top 10 Decor Product Ideas to Shop with Inara Home Decors


Our endeavor is to work with individuals and organizations who are working towards rehabilitation of people in need and to create products, which are not only visually appealing but also practical to use and to curate artisanal Home Décor that brought together, the culture warmth and vibrancy of different countries that were undiscovered and had to be brought home.

  1. Check out Owl Majestic Figurines. In the Roman era, owls were considered symbolic of wisdom and wealth. Look at this majestic owl figurine that we bring to you. Display this enchanting piece on your side table or on the bookshelf for some visual interest!
  2. Our Black Wall Planter Will Enliven your wall spaces with unique wall accents. These metal wall planters are super practical and look stunning in the all-time favourite combinations.
  3. Our Black & Gold Wall Planter Add sparkle to your home with our stunning Antique Gold Planters. The timeless elegance of these planters is sure to provide a special atmosphere and grandeur wherever placed.
  4. Our Black & Gold Wall Planter is a very sturdy product for any corner setup or your balcony space. It adds charm to your plants and interior decoration.
  5. Our Banana Leaf Wall Candlestand Made of Metal & Glass. This hand-crafted piece may have slight irregularities and imperfections which only add to the unique charm of the product. Wipe with a clean, dry, or moist cloth as per your requirement.
  6. Our Blue and White Porcelain Decor Indulgence into our Blue and White Round Bowl is sure to win millions of hearts with its striking appearance. These fine porcelain pieces can grace your living room or balcony to add that wow factor to your decor.
  7. Refresh your living room and place the stem in a slender vase for a discreet accent or combine it with other items to create a decorative display.
  8. Our Stunning Blue Ceramic planters are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Put these in step succession to create a unique focal point in your house.
  9. With our delightful yet quirky snails will sweep you off your feet! The hat is the added effect!mHope you enjoy these as much as we did!! You can pair it up with Black Rectangular Planter for a greater visual display.
  10. Make our adorable piece a part of your decor. It is sure to be noticed wherever placed. With our fantasy bunny sculpture, you can add a luxurious, fun character to your shelves, mantle, or other display units.


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