Top 10 Best Product Categories Available at Urbano


Urbano is not just like any other decoration website- bringing home decor products for you. But we are here to bring you closer to nature through our cutesy natural decor products. It offers exclusive and exquisite collections and services that totally fit with your personal style, lifestyle and of course which would be under your budget too. Let’s have a look at its Top 10 Product Categories Available at Urbano-

  1. Plants: Welcome lush green, red and blue plants to your home to Accenture and freshen up your space. This will not just bring some freshness around but also add on extra charm to your living area, garden, your balcony or even to your kitchen. Some best examples are- Cinnamon Kitchen Plant, Phalaenopsis Purple Orchid Plant, Orchid White and Pink Plant, etc.:
  2. Planters: What can be better than the naturally-made planters? Cane planters, Bamboo planters, Grass planters and what not. Urbano has got some alluring planters’ collection to place it somewhere at the door, or hang around your windows. This will just enhance the entire look of the area and change the mood of the space around.
  3. Wood Planter Stand: Strong, tough and classy- this is how Urbano describes its wood planter stand collection. You get to choose from a variety of options here- wooden planter stand, pinewood planter stand, foldable table planter and many more. Adorn your living area, balcony or garden areas with these by adding fresh, green plants to it.
  4. Metal Planter and Planter Stand: Give a classy, minimalist yet chic decorative look to your home decor. These metal planters and planter stands will definitely make you fall for it and the quality is just unbeatable. Buy it once and you would love to add these more.
  5. Propagation Station: Propagation station must be going to something new for you. But yes, it’s unique too- such as, Tabletop pinewood planter. These charming stations will leave you all mesmerised and perfect to keep at your kitchen windows or any cosy corner of your home.
  6. Geo fabric grow bags: A complete eco-friendly product, this Geo fibre bag is a must-have for your kitchen garden to plant your vegetables or fruits or any plant of your choice in it. It’s a totally air-prone bag, so you need not worry about anything in this. Place it at your balcony, or terrace and it’s all set to accentuate the area.
  7. Urbano Gardener Merchandise: Urbano brings its exclusive green collection for the greenery lovers. Coffee Mugs with the best plants-related quote on it, will surely make your day. Explore our amazing merchandise collection and order your favourite from amongst all.
  8. Urbano Macrame Hanger: Macrame hangers look absolutely astonishing and can never go off with any decor, anywhere. Hang it anywhere, around any corner, near your window area, balcony terrace or wherever- it’s just going to add some extra green charming grandeur. Some of the best examples here are- Macrame Planter Holder with Wooden Base, Macrame Bird Nest hanger.
  9. Plant Care: We understand your love for plants and for that, we have brought a collection of items and products. It includes- garden potting soil, organic compost, calathea potting soil, perlite, coco husk chips, etc. For planting and making up your personal garden- here, you will get every product to build a perfect one.
  10. Accessories: Here, Urbano does not only bring decor products for you, but also products to look after your plants and gardens- whether small or big one. Some of this category includes- water spray bottle, garden hand trowel, gardening tools like Khepri or hand weeder, roll cutter, hand weeding fork, gloves and many more.

Visit to explore the best enchanting and enthralling decor collections. Pick your favorite ones from our collections to revamp each and every corner of your home. For indoors as well as outdoors and gardens, you will get amazing and artistic pieces, which will not just enhance the whole look but also bring a freshness to it.


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