Top 10 Some Classic Indoor Decors by Inara Home Decor Store


Our endeavor here at Inara Home Decor Store is to work with individuals and organizations who are working towards rehabilitation of people in need and to create products, which are not only visually appealing but also practical to use and to curate artisanal Home Décor that brought together, the culture warmth and vibrancy of different countries that was undiscovered and had to be brought home.

  1. Our Stunning Blue and White Ceramic planters are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Put these in step succession to create a unique focal point in your house.
  2. Made from ceramic, with glossy finishes, our decorative cat figurines can be tucked into a bookcase, displayed on a console, or mixed up with your blue and white pottery. Wherever you place them, they are sure to add a homely charm to your decor space
  3. Our White Porcelain Planter has been handcrafted and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of human involvement in the process. Hence each piece may have slight variation in terms of shape, size and color from one another which adds the uniqueness to your decor.
  4. Our Happy Elephants Figurines are adorable Happy Elephants will grace your decor space and breathe in a new life in your rooms. They are sure to be noticed whenever placed. Add a few greens to these for a better visual impact.
  5. Banana Leaf Wall Candlestand is hand-crafted piece may have slight irregularities and imperfections which only add to the unique charm of the product. Wipe with a clean, dry, or moist cloth as per your requirement.
  6. A classic round shaped planter stand in matte finish comes with five legs that can be assembled easily. These bases are most handy to give levels to all decor accents to make a greater visual impact. Add life to any empty space or corner by placing indoor plants on it with a variety of greens and flowering plants that will look beautiful.
  7. Adorn your interior walls in ultimate luxury with this stunning ceramic wall plate. A perfect decorative piece to complement any room and a perfect gift idea for all occasions for any collector or addition to your own home.
  8. Our strong sense of affection for Buddha’s is solely for ‘the calm and serenity’ that the silhouette of it brings all around. These wooden pieces are a statement on their own.
  9. Inspired by the divine Krishna in Pichwai art, our stunning wall plates are a celebration of rich Indian culture and traditions.These can be used on the wall space and the desktops of your homes.
  10. Refresh your living room and place the stem in a slender vase for a discreet accent or combine it with other stems to create a decorative display.

The above article is regarding some Classic Indoor decors by Inara Home Decor Store.


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