Top 10 Ways You Can Celebrate Republic Day With Your Kids


As we are approaching January 26th, there’s a feel of patriotism in the air. This special day of our country is celebrated with various activities to help every Indian remember the sacrifices that our ancestors made to free our country.

As the largest democratic of the world, this day is celebrated to help instil patriotism in every citizen from a young age so they turn out to be responsible citizens in the future.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Republic Day with your kids:

1- Republic Day Parade

Who doesn’t remember watching Republic Day parades that takes place in every state?

Watching in television the army troops marching in Delhi with Republic Day’s songs like Mere Desh ki Dharti , Aye watan tere liye or apni azaadi ko hum plays on the background fills us with so much of love for the people of our country. 

2- Flag hoisting

You can celebrate Republic Day in your colony or apartment, where children can help with flag hoisting.

Flag hoisting can happen in school, colleges or universities also but due to the pandemic, you can do it in your colony with your fully-vaccinated, close neighbours only. 

3- Traditional dress-up

You can help your child dress up in traditional wears as it creates zeal and excitement to celebrate this festival. 

You can dress up your child in tri-colour or any cultural diversity costume. 

All the parents can also organise a small fancy dress competitions inside your colony for the children to walk on stage and flaunt their costumes. 

4- Arts and Crafts

Teach your children to draw and create our Indian flags and colour them as well.

They can even cut it out and wave it around on 26th of January. The flag can be drawn and cut out and stuck on thin sticks. 

Other craft ideas include, creating a paper rocket, kites, tri-colour medals, pen and wall hangings. 

5- Story-telling

Story telling is an important part of our Indian culture. 

You can organise a short story-telling session for your kids with the help of some of your senior family members at home. They can talk about their lives, childhoods, stories of their struggles, unity and sacrifices that every children of this generation needs to hear and understand.

It will be interesting to watch the elderly revisit and talk about their past and the children sitting in wonder listening to how much time has changed now. 

You can tell the children about the various citizens that receive the National bravery award and recount their stories to instil a sense of responsibility and courage in our kids. 

6- Food

No Indian celebration is complete without tasty food to accompany the day. 

You can create some interesting and colourful meals that kids will love munching on during the Republic Day celebration. 

7- Rangoli

Who doesn’t love rangoli decorations?

You can even ask your kids to sit down and help you do these decorations so they can learn to do it as well. This can help improve their creativity and they can use their imagination. 

8- Sweets

You can distribute sweets to your close family and neighbours in your society to show your kids to celebrate happiness with others. 

9- Cultural Programs

Even if it’s too dangerous to go outside, you can plan various cultural programs for the kids virtually. 

All of your family’s children can have a virtual fancy dress competitions or can speak a few lines on Republic Day on video call. The elderly members can also take part in this and help kids remember the sacrifices that they have done for our country. 

10- Balloons

You can arrange balloons representing the tri-colours, saffron, white and green.

Kids can have fun playing with balloons. 


We hope these activities mentioned above help you and your children celebrate this Republic Day’s with the right patriotism and celebration.

The idea is to make this day full of fun, creativity to help them understand Republic Day. 

Jai Hind!

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