Top 10 Reasons Why Apothecurry Spice Mixes and Curry pastes are the Best for You


In Indian cuisine, spices play a major role. Spices enhance colour, flavour, aroma and taste of every dish. They also have numerous health benefits! Therefore, choosing a good spice brand is crucial for both, taste and health. That’s why “The West India Spice Co” makes Apothecurry Spice Mixes/ Curry Pastes like Hariyali MasalaRassa Masala and Safed Korma that add flavour to your food without affecting your health!

Top 10 Reasons why Apothecurry is best for you

  1. Easy to cook – Apothecurry is a brand of ready-to-cook curry pastes. Cooking becomes very easy with the help of this aromatic, flavoursome mixture. You can cook in 3 simple steps- Add veggies or meat of your choice to the paste, add water or milk and leave it on low flame for 15 to 20 minutes. No chopping, no grinding- Apothecurry helps save your time!
  2. Hand-Picked Spices– Apothecurry is known for its quality. All curry pastes are made in small batches. Raw materials for these batches are meticulously selected.  Apothecurry ingredients are thoroughly tested for quality, purity, and rich taste.
  3. Affordable – If you are looking for affordable spices then Apothecurry is the best choice with fresh and high-quality ingredients that you can purchase. Apothecurry pastes are easy on pocket- 200 gm pack will cost less than Rs 200 and is good enough for 1 kg meat/veggies. Save money- get restaurant quality food at low cost!
  4. Helps With Digestion -The idea that ApotheCurry Spice mixes boost ‘digestive fire’ seems to have something to it. An important component of Apothecurry curry pastes like Rassa Masala, Hariyali Masala and Safed Korma, is Coriander seeds. Coriander seeds are known to relieve digestive issues. The antioxidant properties of seeds encourage release of digestive juices. Apothecurry curry pastes help you in including this important component effortlessly included in your day-to-day diet.
  5. Good for vegetarians travelling abroad – Are you a vegetarian who is travelling abroad or who is shifting to some other country? The first question on your mind will be about the kind of food you will get abroad. Carry Apothecurry pastes with you and all you need to do is add veggies and water to it. Eat delicious vegetarian food wherever you go!
  6. No Preservatives– Preservatives are NOT added to Apothecurry spice mixes and curry pastes despite the addition of onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic! The manufacturing process used by West India Spice Co helps in maintaining integrity of these pastes without preservatives.
  7. Process that maintains goodness of spices -Spices and herbs are traditionally used in health care in the orient. Spices are known to have numerous health benefits- they have antioxidant property, some of them are known to be good for immunity, they also enhance nutrient absorption. Apothecurry Spice Mixes and Curry Pastes contain several great spices including turmeric, coriander seeds, ginger and garlic. The manufacturing process maintains the goodness and value of these spices. 
  8. Easy option when entertaining guests at home – There may be times when you must entertain a lot of guests at home. Imagine having a house party for your colleagues- why waste money on restaurant food when you can easily whip up delicious meals using Apothecurry’s curry pastes. They will surely bring you a lot of praises. Imagine a situation where you must host a family function and your cook ditches you- Apothecurry pastes will come to your rescue. In less than an hour, you can cook multiple delicious meals for your guests!
  9. Long shelf life – Apothecurry pastes stay good for more than 6 months if stored under refrigeration.
  10. Taste – The moment you open an Apothecurry packet and take in the aroma, you know will know that it is other worldly! The delightful and unique taste will soon make a place in your heart.

Apothecurry Spice Mixes and curry pastes are full of flavour and do not compromise the nutritional value of your food. Purchase these spices at affordable prices and get the benefits mentioned above. Make your cooking very easy with the help of this aromatic mixture. This is a must-have for your kitchen!


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