Top 10 Reasons to Shop Fuss free Wandering Jew, Turtle Vine, Caladium, Fiddle leaf Fig Indoor Plants from Urbano.


At Urbano we believe that bringing a natural world into your home, office, or living space will increase your quality of life. We are here to help strengthen your life long relationship with plants and nature. We make buying plants, planters and accessories very easy by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants and others to your doorstep.

  1. Urbano offers Wandering Jew Plant Tradescantia zebrina, formerly known as Zebrina pendula, is a species of spiderwort. It is sometimes known as inch plant, but its preferred common name is wandering jew.
  2. Caring for the wandering jew plant is easy during the warm, humid summer months. Just remember if you put them outside, these plants are not tolerant of the cold, and will die at the first hard freeze if left outdoors. But they can easily be brought indoors and grown as a houseplant through the winter.
  3. Urbano offers Caladium Florida Bicolor Plant Caladium thrives indoors in indirect light, making this South American native a spectacular tropical accent for your home.
  4. Caladiums are easy to grow in Florida’s warm, humid climate and will provide beautiful weather throughout spring, summer, and fall. Caladiums are part of the arum family of plants. Basic Care Summary. Best in fertile, well-drained soil. Water as needed to keep soil evenly moist, especially in hot weather.
  5. Our Turtle Vine Plant Grow turtle vine as a hanging basket or in a container set upon a shelf or pedestal to show off its trailing habit. It prefers bright light and moderately dry soil.
  6. Turtle Vines are Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil start to dry. Growing Tradescantia is easy, and you will find the plants to be quite resilient. These plants typically grow in moist and well-drained soil. Tradescantias do best in partial shade but will do equally well in sunny areas as long as the soil is moist.
  7. Indoor Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant can live for up to 25-50 years. What makes it so popular among design circles? Most people credit the big, floppy round leaves of the tree, shaped like violins.
  8. Fiddle Leaf Figs should be placed in front of a window that will receive direct morning or afternoon light. Ideally, what you’re aiming for is a window with a mostly unobstructed eastern, western, or southern exposure — you don’t want trees or close buildings shading the window.
  9. Caladium Buck Plant Online Caladiums planted in full sun generally require more watering, the length of exposure to sunlight is the determining factor.  All of our varieties are grown in full sun on our central Florida farms. 
  10. As a general rule, caladiums are grown in the sun show more color than they would in the shade. Watering caladiums early in the am or late in the pm helps eliminate sun burn.

Every plant and products from our company come with simple care instruction, real-time support, direct access to our team of experts, and our guarantee to be there every step of the way.


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