Why to Choose Pixie Dust for your upcoming Events?


PIXIE DUST is one of the leading platform of technocrats who are bridging the gap between virtual and physical world. We promote ideas on technology that harnesses innovation and is a driver of solutions. Are you looking for an immersive experience that is engaging and yet interactive with your clients? Well, search no more, as you have reached the right destination.

1. With Pixie Dust we provide the best VR Roller Coaster Ride in Bangalore. A VR roller coaster is a special kind of amusement park ride attraction, consisting of a roller coaster that can be experienced with virtual reality headsets.

2. Our VR Car Racing game gives you a real steering wheel to accelerate, brake and steer to feel the vibrations in the wheel when you bump other racers or the wall!

3. Our VR bullet train is an action-packed gaming experience. Use motion controls in the role of an agent undergoing a simulation set inside a modern train station.

4. We at Pixie Dust have aimed to redefine experiences “with multitouch applications” for your employees, students, friends, and customers with innovative solutions. Experience the multitouch application for the health industry to educate people about any particular subject by matching the right content displayed.

5. We deploy experiential technologies that serve towards brand activation, product showcases, educational content, experiential marketing, and much more. Multitouch Drag and Drop

Experience the multitouch application for pharma industry to drag and drop the right content in the basket.

6. We bring you a perfect solution master for all your events. Don’t you want to offer your peers the best hassle-free experience? Well, here it is! The photobooth solutions provided by Pixie Dust are not the ones where you’ll have to sell your fortune for an experience!

7. Get yourself photographed with a never-seen-like before technology and carry home a memorable souvenir.

Experience the technology by taking photos of various cities/monuments throughout the world by just using hand gestures to change the background images.

8. Physical computing is creating or using devices that interact with the world around them. A physical computer senses its environment, processes that information, and then performs some action.

9. This “sense – think – act” cycle can also be used to define a robot. While this definition is broad enough to encompass systems such as smart automotive traffic control systems or factory automation processes, it is not commonly used to describe them.

10. Keep the crowd engaged in your events with this interactive cycling experience and also promote your brand logo with this amazing activity.


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