Top 10 Types of Best Cakes to Order from Flora Craft


You cannot buy happiness, but you can definitely buy a cake and that is both kinds of the same thing. Well, undoubtedly yes, cake means celebration, joy and happiness and cake is an evergreen best ever way to bring a smile on anyone’s face. So, here Flora craft is bringing to you the ever most-exotic collection of delicious and flavoured fresh cakes for any and every occasion. Not only cakes but beautiful flowers, sweet chocolates and amazing gifts are also available to make special days of your special ones, a lot more special. Flora Craft is one of the best and leading service providers of Jaipur. Our aim is to deliver the most amazingly mouth-watering treats to your doorsteps and bring surprise, fun and sweetness to your lives. With a large variety of options in cakes, flowers and many more, we assure you to make yours and your special one’s special days more dazzling, delighting and delicious. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Best Cakes You can order from Flora Craft.

  1. Fresh Fruit Cakes Flora Craft has a wide range of collections of freshly cut and made fresh fruit cakes for you to choose from. The fruit cakes are available in a large variety as in Fresh Fruit Almond Cake, Fruit And Nut Cake, Fresh Fruit Mango Cake, Chocolate Fruit Cake, Vanilla Fruit Cake and many more are there to add different fruity flavours to your mood.
  2. Pineapple Cakes Many love the amazing flavour of Pineapple cake and for that we have brought for you delicious options in this too and that too the most affordable price ranges with amazing quality and taste.
  3. Black Forest Cakes Black Forest Cakes are a forever love of everyone. Everyone’s first choice. Some of the best options among them are- Divine Black Forest Cake, Luxury Black Forest Cake, Rosy White Forest Cake, Heart-Touching Black Forest Cake and many many more.
  4. Butterscotch Cakes – So, people who do not like chocolate definitely like Butterscotch and keeping up to that, we have a range of butterscotch cake collections too for you all. Some of them are- Exotic Butterscotch Cake, Butterscotch-Hazelnut Mix, Lip- Smacking Butterscotch cake, Buttery Scotch Cake and still there are many to add to this list.
  5. Chocolate Cakes We could forget anything but not your chocolate cakes. So, bringing for you this most awaited of all Chocolate Cakes. Special Floral Chocolate Cake, Dram Drop Chocolate Cake, Pure Choco Cherry Truffle, Decorative Choco Oreo Cake are some of the few examples of cakes in the chocolate cake category.
  6. Red Velvet Cakes Red velvet cakes are the most delicious of all. We have a complete wide range of options in this category- Red Velvet Heart Cream, Choco Red Velvet Round Cake, Red Velvet Crunchy Delight etc. etc.
  7. Kids Cake Kids love cakes and for them, we have a variety of designs to make their celebration even more special. We have a wide range of themes of cakes for the kids- Winter Has Come, I Phone Cake, Music On Mind Cake, Fitness Cake, Lazy Bro Cake, Rocket Space Cake and many more are there for you to choose as per your kids’ choice.
  8. Regular Cakes This Regular Cakes category has the basic styled cakes. There are many options in this too- Mini Cake, Rasmalai Cake, Sweet Symphony etc. These are not basically about any particular flavoured cake but include a variety of options in it.
  9. Pinata Cakes The most exquisite and trendiest of all is this new Pinata Cakes. These are absolutely stunning and amazing ones. It has a strong crispy layer above, covering the inner soft main cake part and this whole piece comes along with a small hammer to break the upper layer and yes that’s what makes it a totally different one. Some of its options are- Pink Unicorn Pinata Cake, ROund Ball Pinata Chocolate Cake, Pinata Black Forest Brilliance etc.
  10. Photo Cakes Last but not the least at all in the list is, Photo Cakes. This super adorable category has been in trend for a long time and people still love this. In this, some are pre-decided options for you and some definitely for you to customize it with your desired photo. Some of the options are- Tom & Jerry Photo Cake, Pikachu Chocolate Photo Cake, Photo Printed Cake, Red Velvet Photo Cake, Batman Chocolate Photo Cake etc.

Cakes are a way of expressing your love and best wishes in the sweetest way. So, this time, you must remember to order a cake to show your love for your near and dear ones. Explore this website of Flora Craft to get to see the wide variety of best options and pick the best for you among them.


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