Top 10 Jewellery Sets To Shop from Vaidehi Fashion Incorporation (VFI)


Vaidehi Fashion Incorporation is one of the trending and leading jewellery stores of India, especially of Gurgaon. VFI has a wide range of jewel sets including earrings, chain sets, mangasutra, rings and gold-plated chains. The products are absolutely skin-friendly and suitable to all skin types. They never have compromised with the quality of their products and that is why they have gained a large number of happy customers till date and are still continuing to do so. Have a look at the

Top 10 Jewellery Sets to shop from Vaidehi Fashion Incorporation:

White AD Necklace, Earring, Bracelet and Ring Set

1. White AD Necklace, Earring, Bracelet and Ring Set  This set of jewellery has not just one or two or three but all four beautiful items included in it, ie., necklace, earring, bracelet and ring. You could wear them all together or use one or two at a time- it is still going to grab the attention of all.

VFI-A2Z-ADNS-700175-Red-necklace-set (Red)

2. Red Necklace Set – This ravishing red necklace set is perfect to carry out any elegant look at a wedding or event. This set consists of a beautiful necklace with top earrings and a mangtika to give a complete look.

White Necklace Set

3. White Necklace Set – This alluring white necklace set is a combination of style and grace and just elevates your look any day. Put it on with any pastel-coloured saree or any other ethnic wear and you are all set to steal the thunder any day.

White Necklace Set- Necklace and Earrings

4. White Necklace Set- Necklace and Earrings – This necklace set in white has an astounding elevated pair of earrings and a shining necklace added to it. The set gives a totally awe-inspiring look.

Green-Red Necklace Set

5. Green-Red Necklace Set – The Green-Red combination itself is so over the top and the bewildering set of it could make any ethnic look of yours go beyond just beautiful. You could just put it on at any smaller or bigger event and you are ready to shine out.

Golden Necklace Set

6. Golden Necklace Set – This golden-coloured necklace set is something from which you can’t take your eyes off. It has some red, green and blue beads added to it, giving an all extra dazzle and adding more bling’s to it.

Green Necklace Set

7. Green Necklace Set – The Green Necklace Set has earrings and a necklace with green beads in it and it looks super amazing to pair at any occasion.

Pink Necklace Set

8. Pink Necklace Set – VFI has got this exquisite pink necklace set to make you shine out from the crowd. This set has a pair of earrings with a flower-shaped top at above and a pearl bead attached to it below, giving it an overall elegant look and a magnificent necklace made of pink beads, white small pearls and AD put together.

Gary Choker Necklace Set

9. Gary Choker Necklace Set – Having a pair of earrings, choker necklace and mangtika in this choker necklace set is a flawless one, if you want to carry out an elegant look.

Blue Necklace Set

10. Blue Necklace Set  As blue is the colour of royalty, this blue necklace set is a classic piece to order from VFI. With a beautiful set of earrings and a necklace in royal blue colour is just enough for you to steal the show.

Not just these many, but VFI has a varied number of options in the jewellery sets in different ranges of colours. The price is absolutely under your budget. There is a reason why VFI has been the best online jewellery store in India. Explore the website now and you will definitely find your favourite one here.


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