Top 10 Soulful Home Decor Items At Mianzi


When it comes to decorating your home, you undoubtedly look out for the best decorative that doesn’t just fill your empty spaces but also creates a beautiful ambiance all around. Mianzi is one of the best place where you get sustainable Home Decor Items that fills your home with a delightful soul and makes it look lively and majestic!

Mianzi isn’t just concerned about beautifying your home, but also about keeping the earth beautiful by crafting natural products that don’t harm the environment. Let’s explore about the

Top 10 Soulful home Decorative available At Mianzi:

  1. Firefly Pendant Lamp- With the advent of Diwali, you can think about giving a new touch to your home decor with this lovely Lamp that will not just brighten up your room but also impart an impressive look to your home!
  2. Podium Tray Oval – Handmade Bamboo Trays- These trays are crafted with bamboo that can be used as multipurpose items. You can serve snack to your guests or place it on the table to keep small items in an organized way.
  3. Mianzi Mira Squircle Small- How about refreshing your look before a nature kissed mirror? This Squircle mirror has a supple bamboo finish that gives it the most sophisticated look and makes you feel like you are standing before a clear river, being able to have a clear glance of your face and your soul too!
  4. Multipurpose, Earth-Friendly, Bamboo Storage Box– This bag is crafted with natural bamboo and clearly shows the detailed handwork done by the artisans. You can place any small items in it and carry them easily wherever you go.
  5. RAD Stool MINI- These mini tools can be your child’s best friend. They can be used for sitting, or for carrying them outdoors on a picnic, as they can easily be folded to flats when carried outdoors.
  6. Hive Wardrobe– This wardrobe from Mianzi is Sustainable, Hand-designed Smart Wardrobe System that will add a sense of sophistication and style to your home. Keeping your items organized and safe becomes easy and manageable with this wardrobe.
  7. Hive Modular Wardrobe By Mianzi- This wardrobe is not just an organizer but an amazing item to have at your home. You can place your clothes along with show plants to make your home look like a well arranged one!
  8. Hive Console- Eco-conscious TV Cabinet, Handmade TV Unit with storage- Keeping TV in your drawing room looks great when you have a perfect TV cabinet where you can easily place your TV and also keep other stuffs in it! This handmade Bamboo TV cabinet is one of the best TV cabinets you can ever find elsewhere.
  9. Sea Shell Lamp by Mianzi– Brighten up your home, this Diwali with this meticulous, mesmerizing sea shell lamp that looks like a sunbeam falling on a clear water body! It will surely astound and impress your visitors and fill your home with a unique aura!
  10. Deer Table- This table has sleek legs resembling those of a deer but that doesn’t mean it can’t stand strong enough! It has been crafted in way that you can easily place your laptop, books and use it for multipurpose.

Add more lights and ambiance to your home this Diwali, by getting these handmade home decor and furniture for your home. Let the empty corners of your home dance in the beautiful tunes of soulful home decors! Explore their unique items now: Mianzi


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