Top 10 Points You Must Keep In Mind Before Signing A Sale Agreement For Your Home


Want to buy your dream house. Kennan Properties is right here to help you out and guide you to sell or purchase any property or regarding any real estate market. And, they also care for their customer’s needs and safety. For that matter, it has brought Top 10 points that you must keep in mind before you sign your sale agreement.

1. Check the name of the company or builder on the agreement -whether it’s mentioned correctly or not.

2. All the basic information including occupation, contact number, address and others should be clearly mentioned about the Company or the Builder.

3. Check whether the sale agreement defines the roles of the buyer and seller, properly and clearly or not.

4. Each term, spoken about in the agreement, should be mentioned and explained very clearly and understandably and according to the rules of the government or whosoever is basically and originally in charge and not the builder.

5. In case any dispute arises, so you must be already aware and informed about the terms and conditions regarding the sale.

6. The agreement should clearly mention the payment and finance related issues and should be definitely properly followed by the seller and the buyer.

7. Check if the agreement, consisting of all the conditions and informations regarding the recreational facilities, common areas and other amenities within the society are true to its points and be misleading.

8. Also, regarding the maintenance clause and refund related clauses of the house or property must be stated properly and you must be knowing it accurately.

9. Both the buyer and seller should be agreed and satisfied with the agreement at last and not any side should feel any discomfort or dissatisfaction regarding it.

10. The buyer should be very careful and well informed while signing the sale agreement.

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