Top 10 Bestseller Handmade Products at Mianzi


Nowadays, people have brought back the trend of handcrafted products. And, what if they are eco-friendly too! Amazing right. Mianzi is one such brand, which makes impeccable eco-friendly and handmade products, made of bamboo. They work on revolutionizing the way bamboo is seen and used and make handcrafted home, office or lifestyle and home decor products. They give an authentic essence with aestheticity. Let’s explore the Top 10 Bestseller Handmade Products.

  1. Firefly Pendant Lamp – This magnificent Firefly Pendant Lamp is perfect to give a contemporary look. This beautiful lamp is surely going to accentuate your space and easily fits at the ceiling. For customization, it comes up with an adjustable black cable.
  2. Mushroom Pendant Lamp – This Eco-friendly lamp looks really amazing. Its design, shape and style seem so pleasing that you just cannot resist from buying.
  3. Hand-designed Bamboo Mirror – This handmade mirror is just a masterpiece to have and gives a sense of wider space. It is available at Mianzi in two different sizes and adds a perfect ambiance to your bedroom or living room.
  4. Contemporary Hand-designed High Stool – This high-styled stool is available in a number of varied colors. It provides sustainability, comfort and vibrance. Keep it home bar or at kitchen counter or counter height dining table or use it as a side table, it is going to slay at any place.
  5. Hive Wardrobe – This light and astounding Hive Wardrobe gives an exquisite look and the texture too adds perfection to it. This will surely not be playing a storage box role but will attract everyone’s eyes as well.
  6. Handmade Hive Console – It looks completely awe-inspiring and gives such a voguish and modish look. It definitely carries a unique style and can be used as a TV stands as well.
  7. Handmade Doco – You surely can’t miss out on this cute little storage box. Made of bamboo, this can be used to store your jewelry and small cosmetic products and other little stuff to clear out the mess.
  8. Set of three, Handmade Podium Trays – This is a set of three podium trays- small and round podium tray, large and oval podium tray and small and oval podium tray. This is another beautiful hand-designed masterpiece, available at Mianzi.
  9. Sea Shell Lamp – A perfect blend of elegance and luxury-this is how you could define this beautiful hand-made bamboo product by Mianzi. So beautifully designed and perfectly shaped, available exclusively at Mianzi is surely going to be everyone’s topic of attention at your home.
  10. Mini, Contemporary, Hand-designed Stool – This mini-size handmade stool is perfect for kids to use. It’s so easy to carry and gives high sustainability. Available in a varied range of colors for you to choose your favorite pick.

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