Top 10 Best Kitchen Products To Buy From Fashion Priya


Fashion Priya is not only about the fashion trends and clothing but it is also about the home decors, kitchen products, cosmetics and more. All available at one place. They have a wide range of products in every category and that too at the most Affordable price range. Let’s have a look at the

Top 10 Best Kitchen Products to Buy From Fashion Priya.

  1. Electric Kettle- The electric kettle is highly durable and made of stainless steel material. Its handle is made from safety plastic material, which helps in prevention of getting heat burns and is very easy to clean.
  2. Heat Resistant Tools Set of 6 – This set comes in a package of 6 different kitchen tools. They are made of plastic material and is very important part of the kitchen
  3. Spatula – This Silicone made spatula is heat resistant, easy to use and holds grip properly. This is a very useful tool for baking, glazing, basting, decoration and mixing cake dough.
  4. Kitchen Sink Protector – This sink protector is made of steel material and easily protects the sink from getting clogged. Thus, it easily filters out the waste materials from the sink.
  5. Slicer for Kitchen – The slicer is made of plastic material and makes the work for grating and slicing of vegetables very fast and easy.
  6. Pack of 6 Plastic Bottles – This pack of 6 bottles is totally leak-proof and hygienic, and comes in square shape. The bottles are of blue color and hold a capacity of 1000 ml.
  7. Manual Chopper – A very compact, easy to maintain and hold vegetable and fruit choppers. It is made of plastic material and is highly durable.
  8. Self Stirring Mugs – This self stirring mug is available at Fashion Priya in black color and is made of plastic material. It looks beautiful and holds good capacity.
  9. Silicone Dishwashing Gloves – The silicone Dishwashing gloves are very useful as these are not only meant to wash the utensils but also the vegetables and fruits. They are totally heat resistant and reusable.
  10. Melon Seeder and Slicer Cutter – Made of plastic material, this makes the work of seeding out, cutting and slicing shaped melons very easy and fast without any mess.

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