Top 10 Unique Gift Items Available at VeUniq

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VeUniq is one of the finest online stores to get distinctive items that can be gifted to your near and dear ones. All the items available at VeUniqu have been created with immense love and dedication that ultimately gives shape to the mesmerizing artifacts that can’t be defined. All items here are handcrafted and are brought straight to you from the craft makers. Let’s see what they have in store for all that can prove to be the best gift items for our loved ones.

Check Out the Top 10 Unique Gift Items Available at VeUniq:

  1. Accessories box Stylish and elegant, this accessories box from VeUniq is a perfect gift item for women. It is designed with Ellora figure and geometrical background in black and white which makes it look so natural and rare. Keeping it on the table with small accessories or placing your precious jewelry can be the best idea to use it. This is one of the best gift items that can be presented to women, as they are very cautious about their accessories and can easily keep them in this box.
  2. Madhubani fish family– Madhubani paintings are famous all over India and have attracted the attention of all due to their mesmerizing beauty. This painting from VeUniq can be an ideal gift item for art lovers.
  3. Fabric File Folder This is an excellent item available at VeUniq that can safely secure your important files and documents and help you carry them anywhere with a unique style. They are purely handcrafted and come in different shades. You can gift it to yourself or to others to help them have something unique with them.
  4. Adventurer’s Sundial Compass– Crafted with brass, this compass comes with unique sundial features and is a fully operational nautical compass. Gifting this compass to an adventurer is definitely a great idea indeed!
  5. Crochet bookmarks– Do you know a person who is a bookworm? Well, for them, we have these cute, attractive, and vibrant bookmarks that will help them remember where they left! Try gifting this unique item to someone and let them feel the joy of having something unique with them.
  6. 3D Portrait– Keeping a portrait at home or in the office is what most people prefer to do. How about getting your own portrait or gifting someone their portrait. Sounds great, right?
  7. Egyptian Bastet Modern Art– This isn’t just an art but also something that has spiritual value. Keeping it at home can help you get rid of evil and bring prosperity to your life. Gifting this to your close ones will also help them spread a vibe of positivity all around.
  8. Crochet handbag (Set of 2)-These bags have been with crochet and are 100% handmade. The style and look of these bags are very alluring. You can carry your necessary items in these bags and carry them with style! You can also serve as a great gift item for bag lovers.
  9. Red Pouch– The cuteness of this small pouch will make you fall in love with it. This comes in the shape of a strawberry and has been handcrafted with red and green woolen threads and very small white beads. Gifting it to someone will surely bring a smile to their face.
  10. Pink black Wood & Pearl Necklace set– Women love jewellery and this is one of the best gift items VeUniq has at their online store. It is an Ethnic Antique Traditional Indian Cultural Art Jewellery made by Women of West Bengal.

The world is getting fond of natural and handcrafted products day by day, and keeping this in mind, VeUniq has invented the best way to surprise others with their magnificent masterpieces. You must definitely explore their unique masterpieces and get the best items they have at their tore. Check their website now


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