Top 10 Medical Services of Globira Medical


Medical service is something that anyone can need anytime. And, so it’s one of the most important and responsible jobs amongst all. For that matter, Globira Medical is one of a real, genuine sort there. Globira brings all solutions to your every problem in one place. They have got certified, qualified Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists, who will also be there to visit at your own place. Globira provides all medical services at your Home. Apart from that, there are many more services, which you will only get at Globira and nowhere else. So, let us have a look at the

Top 10 Medical Services of Globira Medical.

1.Vaccination At Home – First and foremost in this list is Vaccination. And, imagine you don’t have to rush to any place for it. You will get it at your own comfort place, your own home. From senior citizens to even the children, they cover every age group. They support various vaccinations including doctor’s prescribed ones too. Some of the vaccinations that Globira deals with include- Polio, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Polio (IM), Rotavirus, Pneumonia, Swine Flu, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, etc.

2.Physiotherapy At Home – Physiotherapy can relieve your pain and reintegrate, deals with stiffness in body aches and muscles and also help in improving body functions and flexibility by applying physical, mechanical movements and forces to your body. Globira provides you with highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists to provide the treatment as per the patient’s needs and that too at very much affordable prices.

3.Home Checkup At Home – This one is really helpful in that you get all possible medical checkups and services at your home only. Globira provides absolute instant and prompt services to you and if you take up the membership, then you will get many health benefits along with regular and periodical health checkups.

4.Nursing At Home – What can be more comfortable than this is to get cured at your own home amongst your own family members. We provide you our nursing professional, who has got excellence in attending to the clients with the best care and hospitality services. We even provide the opportunity to our clients to choose from our category of nurses, whichever conditions suit them the best. Our Nursing Care helps in vaccination, post-surgical care, wound care, oxygen administration, injection, vital check, nebulization, oncology care, elderly care, mother care and newborn baby care.

5.Medicine Service At Home – Globira Medical is one of India’s best and most trusted pharmacies and it offers their clients home delivery of the prescriptions for their clients at your own place. Isn’t that amazing! It’s very simple. You just have to place an order for your prescription online or you can even talk over the phone to our specialists to ask about your medical requirements. Globira provides you instant order booking service with availability of medicines 24*7.

6.Elder Care At Home – Globira is here for you to provide you with extensive healthcare solutions for all ageing needs. They offer a 2487 healthcare service, including basic nursing to properly take care. They provide to you to serve for personal care, companionship, Tuberculosis, meal preparation, medication reminder, housekeeping, dementia care, fall prevention, wound care, physiotherapy and medical assistance during serious illness.

7.Online Doctor Consultation At Home – In this technical era, Globira also brings for you digitalized service. Globira offers to you an expert online doctor consulting service. You just need to place your queries online and discuss your problems and concerns with your doctor on a video chat and you are definitely going to get an effective treatment plan. They provide this service 24*7 but yes, you need to upload all your concern reports on the portal to get proper treatment.

8.Lab Tests and X-Rays – You get proper healthcare specialists and technicians for conducting tests and collecting lab samples and that too, with taking care of your convenience, wherever you want it to be held- at your home or office. They even provide X-ray Testing service, at your place.

9.Ambulance Services – They provide the best and most reliable Ambulance services that you will reach any hospital, fitted with life-saving equipment. They also provide it to Corporates and Industries along with the medical staff, 24*7 for Onsite Medical Evacuation to the nearest Medical facility and Tertiary Medical Center.

10.Gynaecologist – Women manage many things at a time. And, we are truly concerned with their health. Many times in women’s lives, physical and hormonal changes occur, which affects their health and of course their lives. It is very important to know about your health concerns for your age. At Globira, they take care of menstrual disorder, chronic pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, contraceptive counseling, loss of bladder control, endometriosis, pelvic floor disorders, prenatal and postnatal care, PCOD and many other Gynae problems.

Globira provides a vast network of professionals, who are always available for your 24*7 medical services with care and responsibility. Visit the website now, and take care of your health.


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