Top 10 Qualities Of Clobas That Make It the Best E-Governance Solution For Universities In India


With the lockdown going on and off due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the entire system of the education system has gone off-track. Clobas, though with its impeccable and ground-breaking features have started to transform the education industry and made it simple and accessible to all! Clobas, being a Cloud-based software has made campus management easy and hassle-free. Being the best digital solution for fulfilling all the management needs of universities and colleges, Clobas stands out as the best e-governance solution for Universities in India.

Top 10 Qualities of Clobas that make it the best e-governance solution for universities in India:

  1. Helps Compliance With regulatory authorities– The e-governance solution of Clobas helps to follow the regulatory guidelines stipulated by NAAC, AICTE, NBA etc and serves as a e-governance tool to transform any campus into a go green paperless smart campus.
  2. Improve Efficiency – Digitizing every management-related task, Clobas helps to enhance efficiency and automate the workflow of universities encompassing students, faculty, HODs, staff members, administration, and management. Clobas’ self-service Portal promotes information flow that helps in promoting operational efficiencies and resource optimization.
  3. Cost-Reduction – While physical delivery of services and information can demand more expenditure and investments but Clobas helps in cost-reduction by digitally delivering all the information and services of a University. This also helps in the unnecessary involvement of manpower and unnecessary expenditure. This makes Clobas stand out as the best e-governance solution for universities in India.
  4. Build Transparency – Clobas helps in building transparency in universities by promoting the online management of day-to-day activities involved in academic affairs. This keeps everything open and transparent before the management as well as the other stakeholders of universities.
  5. Easy data accessibility – When everything comes under a single roof, managing data and information becomes easier. The robust technological interface of Clobas helps in easy access to data and information of every member of the university making it one of the best campus management software.
  6. Reports and BI – This module of Clobas helps to generate reports and information related to all the stakeholders that ultimately helps in a better decision-making process. This module also helps to track student’s performance, employee attendance, salary, timetable, finance reports and ensures business continuity .
  7. Alumni Management – The Alumni management module of Clobas helps in securely saving all the data and information of the passed-out students so that they stay in touch with the university and also analyze their progress and enables them to stay in touch.
  8. Finance Management – Managing finance with accuracy often becomes difficult with manpower, but with technology, it’s always hassle-free, accurate, and time-saving. This feature of Clobas helps in the generation of Monthly Reports, Income & Expenditure Statement, Fee collection and automatic due reminders for defaulters,etc. This not just reduces the unnecessary use of manpower but also saves time.
  9. Facilities Management – Assigning a task to a staff member for every single section related to the facility department adds to unnecessary expenditure and time. Clobas bring a single module where all the facilities including a library, hostel, mess, vehicles, sports, etc. can be managed with a single click.
  10. Students Management System – This feature of Clobas helps in facilitating all the activities ranging from student registration, conducting exams to issuing certificates to them. This module makes it easy for the administration department to keep things sorted and well-organized.

Hence, Clobas is not just a campus management software but is a versatile E-GOVERNANCE SOLUTIONS FOR UNIVERSITIES. Having worked with more than 100+ Educational institutions, Clobas has always given its best in making education and campus management easy, accessible, and transparent. Your one-stop solution for all your digital transformation needs and the best e-governance solution for universities in India. To get more detailed information about their modules and services, do check their website:


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