Top 10 bedroom accessories available at Decor Bajar

Decor Bajar, an online platform where you can find an amazing range of varieties in bedroom accessories and that too in different types of prints and colours. They are having the materials made with the best type of quality and you would never be disappointed by the bedroom accessories of them. Decor Bajar provides best Home Decor Items online at best Price in India.

Top 10 bedroom accessories they are having:

Double sheet- decorbajar

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1.Double bedsheets

They are having a beautiful range of varieties in double bed sheets, and a great range of prints in it and they are having the best type of quality material. The bedsheets from them provide great comfort.

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2.Double and single bedsheets combo

They are having a great range of varieties in double and single bedsheet combo and in it, they will be providing you with the same pattern in both the type of bedsheets and it is a great deal.

Single bedsheet with six-piece diwan set- decorbajar

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3.Single bedsheet with six-piece diwan set

This is an amazing type of bedroom accessories as it is a great product because of the range of colours and prints available in it and we all know they can improve the elegant and the beautification and overall decor of the home.

oyal-design-exclusive-velvet-carpets-grey-5-7-feet-1- decorbajar

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4.Velvet carpets

Carpets are very essential for the bedroom as they can enhance the quality of the whole room in a really different and unique way and therefore, they are having an amazing range of velvet carpets for you which are very soft and can give your home the perfect look.

turkish-anti-slip-bathroom-mat- decorbajar

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5.Anti slip bathroom mat

Having an anti-slip bathroom mat is really important in the Bedroom as whenever we wake up in the morning, there are great chances of getting slipped and therefore, it is very necessary. They are having a great range of varieties of these types of mats for you.

leaf-shape-multi-purpose-doormats-bathmat- decorbajar

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6.Leaf shape mat for bathroom or main door

Leaf-shaped mats are very beautiful and can have a beautiful type of design in different colours. They are having plenty of it for you and you would be amazed by the quality of these.

waterproof-reversible-bed-server-food-mat-36-36-inch-19-  decorbajar

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7.Bed server food mat

There are many times when you do not want to go to the dining table and want to have dinner or lunch at bed only and therefore, a bed server food mat is very important. They are providing you with an amazing quality bed server food mat that is waterproof and can help you in keeping your bed clean in the best way.

dining-table-mat-6-pieces-with-runner-set-13- decorbajar

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If you are having a table in your bedroom, it is very essential to have it decorated with a beautiful type of mat. They are having great varieties and prints in it and you would be able to get your perfect choice here.

little-feet-cushion-cover-set-of-2-cotton- decorbajar

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9.Cushion covers

They are having very cute types of trends in the collection of cushion covers and we all know how much important it is, to have a cushion cover in the room as it can enhance the beauty of the bed in a really different and unique way.

emoji-foam-pillow-14-14-inch- decorbajar

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10.Foam pillows

They are having very cute designs in the foam pillows and we all know how beautiful, they look and also they are very useful as they are very soft and can be used for sleeping purposes perfectly.

Explore,  their amazing product and find the perfect type of bedroom accessories for you as they are having plenty of designs and colors for you. The products available here are of the best quality and you would be amazed by the comfort, you’ll get from them.


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