Top 10 ethnic kota Doria suit and sarees available at Madhulika fashion.


Kota Doria, is a distinctive fabric with a unique pattern crafted on fine silk, cotton or a blend of these two fibres. The cotton provides strength to the fabric, while silk makes it more lustrous and lends it a softer touch. It’s a beautiful design to wear in the ethnic and traditional type. Madhulika fashion is an amazing platform, filled with different types of suits and sarees made from kota doria design. They are having the best vibrant colours in their products and clothing.

Top 10 ethnic kota doria suit available here:

  1. BLOCK PRINT SUITSBlock print suits are the best design of the traditional and ethnic wear as they are very beautifully crafted square shapes or rectangular shapes which can give a really beautiful and unique look to the overall outfit.
  2. BRUSH PAINT SUITSBrush paint suits are the designs in which the colour is printed in such a way, that it is as if someone has touched the paint on the suit by hand and it gives a really beautiful and amazing type of touch to the Kota Doria suits.
  3. EMBROIDERY SUITThey are having a beautiful range of variety in their suits of Kota Doria material along with which they are providing with the embroidery of beautiful type and craft, the combination of a amazing material like Kota Doria and embroidery is perfect for, occasions that are of high importance to you.
  4. GOTTA PATTI SUITGota Patti is an amazing design in ethnic and traditional wear as it is a really unique design which gives a simple and a pretty Vibe, both at the same time and therefore, this amazing design in the material of Kota Doria is something you should never ever miss out in your suits collection.
  5. PRINTED SUITThey are having a beautiful range of printed suits in their Kota Doria collection and you would be amazed by the different and modern craft printed designs on their suits as they are perfect for various types of occasion whether it is of outing or a high-class party.
  6. BLOCK PRINT SAREEThe block print printed on sarees with Kota Doria material is such a beautiful traditional piece of clothing, they are the perfect types of sarees to wear on the occasions that are of formal work as they can give the simple and beautiful type of impression at the same time.
  7. BRUSH PAINT SAREEThe brush paint type design on sarees with Kota Doria material is another beautiful and ethnic type of clothing wear, they are made of beautiful type of design which can match the needs of many occasions look, as they look royal and unique and are very comfortable.
  8. EMBROIDERY SAREEThey are having an amazing range of variety, in the embroidery saree which is having the most beautiful type of embroidery craft on it with amazing type of craft material. This embroidery saree along with its beautiful craft, is made of the amazing and most beautiful Kota Doria material.
  9. PRINTED SAREEThey are having an amazing range of printed sarees for you, these printed sarees are having the most beautiful types of modern craft prints on it and are the most comfortable because of the Kota Doria material, it is made of.
  10. HANDLOOM SAREEThey are having an beautiful and amazing range in the handloom sarees of Kota Doria material and design and we all know, that how much amazing are the handloom sarees for royal and elegant type of classy look.

Therefore, you must explore their amazing exclusive collection of Kota doria. This amazing design pattern of Rajasthan can help you in enhancing your traditional wardrobe and outfit in a best and most beautiful way.


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