Top 10 Decorative Products to Shop from Hashcart

Decorative Products to Shop from Hashcart

Hashcart is basically a niche retail brand for handicrafts, brass handicrafts, furnishing, and lifestyle products from different regions of India. It believes in maintaining and conserving the traditional ethnic art of India. The company’s motto is to blend exclusive home decor and home furnishing products at affordable prices with their impressive customer service. Let’s have a look at the

 Top 10 products to shop online from Hashcart:

1. Handmade Painting for Home Decor -Paintings have always been the most beautiful thing amongst home decor items. Hashcart has a wide range of beautiful handmade paintings of various kinds, shapes, colors, and designs, starting from just Rs. 549.

2. Blocks for Printing -You can shop online these blocks for printing on paper, clay, wood, scrapbook, or fabrics like covers, sheets, and clothes, or can make temporary henna tattoos on your hands or palms. You can even use it to make tabletops and drawer knobs. This can be really used for various purposes.

3. Decorative Boxes -Hashcart presents a vast variety of decorative boxes of different designs and styles. It includes Handcrafted designs, Hand-engraved designs, and Wooden ones, starting at only Rs. 199. It can be used to keep your jewelry like rings, chains, etc., or as a decorative showpiece on tables. You can also buy these to gift to your relatives, friends and loved ones.

4. Religious Idols for Home Decor -To keep religious idols as a home decor definitely looks very eye-pleasing and gives a positive vibe. Hashcart has a collection of brass, gold-plated, handcrafted, and handmade religious idols or statues. You can get one at just Rs. 199.

5. Decorative Accents for Home Decor -Decorative Accents include various items for decoration, brass world map globe, vintage gramophone dummy, handheld brass bell, handcrafted hanging ornaments, brass turtle good luck charm, handheld mirror, and many more are added to this list. Buy your favorite pick at the best prices here.

6. Photo Frames -Get beautiful wooden photo frames in different designs, at the most affordable prices only at Hashcart. Get one for yourself or gift it to anyone.

7. Desk Organizers -Make your messy desk or table more organized and give it a more appropriate look with a wide range of options in it. You can get pen holders, tissue box holders, clipboards, nose-shaped specs holders, books holder, and handcrafted marble watches, etc. in different various designs.

8. Oil Diyas and Lamps in Lightning Decor -Shop online any of the oil diyas and lamps for home decorations and lightning decors from the wide range of items here and lighten up your home and surroundings with the most affordable prices, starting at only Rs. 249

9. Tealight Candle Holders -Browse through beautiful Tea Light Candle Holders from Hashcart to give a cozy, warm touch to your room spaces. You can place them anywhere to spread sparkling light all around that will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere at your home. They also have handcrafted candle holders, bearing matchless aura, and designs!

 10. Electric lamps – A bright home, full of lights carry positivity and creates a perfect lighting ambiance. They can be used in your bedrooms, living rooms, or other places wherever you need some extra light to spread radiance. Get them to make your home look bright and beautiful.

Having a beautifully decorated home is the desire of everyone. You may have compromised a lot in giving that dream look to your home decor due to the high price of decoratives, but not anymore. Hahscart presents a wide range of decorative items at attractive prices that will surely fetch your home a touch of luxury and aristocracy. Browse through their website now:


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