Top 10 Royal Flavours of Paan Worth Trying From Paan Aroma

Paan Aroma

Paan Aroma is an online platform where you can find an amazing range of flavoured paan, you’d love to have as desserts and sweets, after your meal. They have the paan, made of the best ingredients that will give you a royal feel!

Top 10 royal flavours of paan available here

  1. Elaichi – They have, the exquisite taste of elaichi which is royal and unique in its flavour is and therefore, a paan made from this amazingly unique and very different flavour is really worth a try.
  2. Gur rewri – rewri is really an amazing flavour and has been in the sweetest delicious dessert list of everyone, all the time and therefore, a paan made from this amazing flavour will be of the best taste and will be really refreshing and new to the mouth.
  3. Kulfi – They have an amazing flavour of paan in Kulfi, they have even designed the whole Paan in its shape and therefore, you would love to eat it as it would give you the best type of sweet taste along with the flavour of kulfi.
  4. Mint – The most refreshing flavour of all the time, mint is something no one would ever want to miss out in the paan flavours. They have the most delicious type of mint flavoured paan to refresh your mood and mind.
  5. Rabari – Rabari, the amazing and sweetest dessert of Rajasthan. The sweetness of this dessert, combined with the deliciousness of paan would give you the best tastes of all time, which you would not be able to resist.
  6. Rajwari – The royal Rajwari flavour, containing all the types of Rajwari ingredients makes a really amazing flavour in paan. It is something you would never want to miss out on as it is very much delicious and unique.
  7. Rasmalai – No one out there would say “no” to Rasmalai flavour. Rasmalai Paan from Paan Aroma has the royal flavour of Rasmalai in their amazing paan, combined with royalty and sweetness, this product would make you feel the best!
  8. Silver – A perfect paan is, with silver coating, which will give the best royal flavour as we all know, how much amazing silver paan can taste along with the paan’s flavours of sweetness and silver’s coating of deliciousness.
  9. Kesar Chutney – They are having the royal taste of Kesar in their Kesar chutney paan which is made of the best quality and taste of Kesar and paan and would be the best for you, as an evening snack.
  10. Halwa – They are having yet another royal flavour of Halwa in paan, made with the exquisite taste of Halwa and the sweetness of paan. It’s a heavy one and therefore, you can take it as a snack in the evening or before going outside. It tastes great and amazing.

Hence, you must consider them for your after-meal dessert or evening snack, as they provide really amazing and royal flavours in paan, made with amazing quality and the best essences.


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