Top 10 Missions followed by Little Kidz Preschool


Little kidz offers a warm and welcoming environment for your munchkins. With a mission committed making learning a magical experience for your child. Little Kidz preschool in Chennai creates learning environments that accommodateall individual learners to provide opportunities to increase their inherent potential.

The top 10 missions followed by Little Kidz Preschool –

  1. Our ultimate goal is to capture the most innovative learning techniques.
  2. Education should be a happy medium to have stress-free childhood.
  3. Focus that the children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love for learning.
  4. Strive to focus on supporting kids during all transitions of childhood.
  5. Designed with activities to nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of the kids.
  6. Encouraging environment
  7. Bringing imagination to reality
  8. Experienced staff is passionate about building childhood development.
  9. Secure and hygienic ambiance
  10.  Integrated, comprehensive and play-based curriculum for all age groups.

Littlekidz foundation is to provide positive learning. Our environment and experiences shape the structure of a child’s brain, laying the first foundation of learning. Our preschool offers freedom of thoughts and communication, grows with nature. Our main vision is to build self-esteem and confidence in every child. Moreover, to build relationships for long life.


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