Top 10 advantages provided by Tanuja Abacus Academy


Tanuja Abacus academy offers a specialized course with a proven Brain Development Program for children up to 5 – 13 years. Abacus learning is a boon for kids as it enables them not only to learn to do mental maths but also to enhance and utilize all functions. Our mastermind professionals work in accordance with child’s psychology. However, understanding the child’s mental situation and therefore we implement playful methods in our lessons, to make their experience joyful and memorable translating into effective learning. 

  • Creativity
  • Concentration and focus
  • Memory improvement
  • Overall academic achievement
  • Better problem-solving capabilities
  • Greater listening
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Proficiency in maths
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Encourage students

These courses will enhance the arithmetic calculations with accurate results but Tanuja Abacus Academy develops an ability to utilize the functions of the brain simultaneously. The best quality training services are provided by Tanuja Abacus. It’s a key to success that combines the usage of technology coupled with excellent teaching methods at different levels. High-tech training tutors enables them to impart flawless training to children with their interest.

With our creative methodology,the program enhances the visualization power of children. Its build photographic memory and utilizes both left and right part of the brain. In addition, it enhances a child’s ability to recall and increases concentration and listening skills thereby building confidence in each level.


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