Top 10 Ethics and Principles followed by Sagestics Brakes


One of the leading manufacturers of Sagestics Brakes established in 1986 with the motive to offer the best collections of tractor brake disc plates for all tractor models, free clutch facing, IcV & pv disc brake pads etc. We have become the biggest name in the Indian market. Our piece of work is broadly applauded by all. Moreover, we are widely distributed in various section wings such as manufacturing, testing, storage, packaging etc.

Our adroit team of experts has rich experience knowledge in the respective domain. Sagestics Brakes owes to ethical business policies, transparent dealings, and cost-effective prices. All our products are carbon-free, longer pad life, low dust, reduced rotor wear, good heat dissipation, and quieter braking.

Top 10 Ethics and Principle followed by Sagestics Brakes –

  1. Ensure the highest standards of ethics and integrity
  2. High-end production facilities
  3. Motivated labour force
  4. Interactive customer support services
  5. Qualified products to solve the queries
  6. Transparent and business policies
  7. Cost-effective prices
  8. Fine finish products
  9. An unrelenting focus on quality
  10. Precision and Performance

Our world-class manufacturing capabilities will enable you to provide products that meet the highest standards of quality and precision, and performance.


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