Top 10 reasons to choose Mastermind Abacus for Franchise Business

Top 10 reasons to choose Mastermind Abacus for Franchise Business

Mastermind Abacus is a Multinational Education Company Based in Indore, India, with its Presence in 12 Countries. They are dedicated to making the learning process so easy and learning so that every child can rise to his highest level. Their philosophy of teaching is RISE, Research, Innovate and Share and educate. While there are multiple options and franchise business ideas available in the market, let us tell you about the best reasons why you should choose Mastermind Abacus as a franchise business.

  1. Profitable Business plan– Education as a business is all about better opportunities and success. As everyone is aware that parents have started to send their kids for abacus classes after their schools as Abacus classes make mathematics easy and interesting for all. Hence, you get more students who would come to learn and for sure you will earn!
  2. Our Course structure– Unlike other educational institutions, we have a specially designed course structure that covers the children of different age groups in different sections. We teach in a way that is not just interesting but fun too! When students are entertained by their teachers, they bring their friends along with them which will ultimately give you more number of students coming through references. More students, more income.
  3. Popularity in India– The growing popularity of the Abacus in India has set trends for every student to join Abacus classes, and shouldn’t they when they get better opportunities to explore the world of mathematics in the simplest way! Hence, Aspirants who are interested in bringing abacus coaching into their city, town, school or area, can opt to become an abacus franchisee and start their own business.
  4. Learning embodied with fun: When children are taught in a fun way, they grasp things easily and retain the knowledge. Abacus classes are full of fun since the tools used for teaching are colourful beads on a groove or bar. The colourful beads and the instrument used for Abacus classes are attractive for children and they love to learn with them! You don’t just share money and profit ratio after taking our franchisee business, but also get a chance to watch the children enjoying their classes, which is rare, though!
  5. With our Lucrative profit-sharing ratio-While most of the franchisers fail to convenience their franchisee about their franchise agreement and profit-sharing ratio, we provide you with the best deal regarding this. Our franchise agreement is made in a way so as to complement our income with happiness and satisfaction.
  6. Our support to you– We are always there to assist you whenever you need. We provide you with the best assistance and suggestions to help you increase your income with different strategies and ideas. We are always there to solve all the problems arising in your business. You will get all kinds of support to boost your business.
  7. Low startup cost– You don’t need to spend all your savings on starting our franchisee business. An amount in your budget can be enough to help you have your own establishment. The biggest advantage to start an Abacus coaching centre is the low startup costs. Isn’t that a business worth taking?
  8. Abacus Classes-“Parent’s preference“- The training and classes provided through our course module help in developing the mental calculation capability and promoting shrewd thinking along with problem-solving capability in the child. This is all that parents need from any coaching institutes and we provide them with that. Hence, you won’t have to work very hard to get more students when you know that parents will automatically come to you for getting what they want for their children.
  9. Future prospects of booming in your business- The education industry is constantly growing and new things are introduced into it every moment. Abacus is a unique and easy way of learning math that will foster in future. Abacus is an ancient method for calculation but has been used for ages and is still being used. Are you still wondering if you have a good prospect to grow in this business? We’re sure you are not!
  10. We are a “Brand”- Last but not least, you always need to choose for a franchisee business keeping in mind the level of reputation and recognition a company has gained. Choose a Brand that has a name everywhere. We are one such brand who is widely renowned to provide the best way of learning Abacus and we are still continuing to gain popularity. Our brand, your branding! Choose us and get renowned.

Thus, it is true that the Abacus coaching franchise is a productive business opportunity for many aspiring entrepreneurs. With the education market growing relentlessly, abacus growth is infinite. Choosing Mastermind Abacus as a franchisee business is one of the best ways to begin a new journey of success in the field of business and career! Contact us today to join the amazing business opportunity provided by us.


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