Top 10 Perks of Making Your Child Learn And Understand Abacus

Top 10 Perks of Making Your Child Learn And Understand Abacus

Abacus is a century-old math tool, used for calculation. It is used widely by many, mainly, the merchants and traders mostly in Asian and African countries and also in other parts of the world. The primary objective of the Abacus programme is to enhance brain power upgrading the brain skills of the children. Higher academic performance not only in arithmetic but also in all subjects.

Top 10 Perks of Learning Abacus for Your Children –

  1. Improves Concentration – While the child learns how to use an abacus and carry out simple mathematical operations, the child is also learning to drown out any distraction around them. Once they have mastered abacus use, they then move on to a simple visualization technique that helps them assume the Abacus in their mind and carry out calculations virtually.
  2. Enhances Visualization and Imagination – Very early in their training, kids are encouraged to use a virtual abacus. This helps them quickly solve problems by just imagining an abacus. The more the kid starts using this technique, the better their imagination and visualization skills get.
  3. Positive Attitude Towards Math – By the time kids reach middle school, most of them start getting this feel that math isn’t their cup of tea. Then begins the downfall. It is really important to keep them up with positivity and confidence and abacus training surely helps here.
  4. Photographic Memory – Abacus learners have excellent auditory skills and photographic memory. They listen to numbers, visualize the abacus in their mind and solve the problem. The repetition of this method builds a strong memorizing capability within the child.
  5. Increases Self-Confidence – A child who learns Abacus is continually receiving positive feedback from their teachers, parents, and peers. They are also usually exposed to many programs that have different audiences, especially if they take part in demonstrations, national and international competitions. With improved mental abilities, these kids get a powerful boost for their self-image and confidence.
  6. Reduces Stress – The Abacus is known to help stimulate brain activities, which usually leads to a break in anxiety levels. The more the child starts to enjoy using the Abacus, the happier they are while reducing stress levels to almost non-existent.
  7. Amplifies Speed – Most competitive exams are a time crunch, and the child, although grown, needs to be able to give accurate results in a shorter time. Learning Abacus can help teach a child how to optimize their time as well as staying accurate.
  8. Improves Problem Solving Ability – Simple tasks like calculation or multiplication on the abacus enhance the child s problem-solving ability. With practice, one can master these skills and can become quick at it.
  9. Enhances Gross Motor Skills – The child has to use their hands and fingers to move the beads of the Abacus. Although younger children benefit more from this than they do when they get older, the movement of the small beads helps the child develop their gross motor skills.
  10. Enhancing the Logical Reasoning – Over a period of time, children recall the image of an Abacus to carry out mental calculations. As he tries to arrive at a solution, he starts applying logic based on the movement of the beads. Later, mental maths also helps in developing logic for day-to-day scenarios.

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