Top 10 Courses You Must Try from Darul Arqam Online Academy

Top 10 Courses You Must Try from Darul Arqam Online Academy

Darul Arqam is an Online Platform
, where they give you a variety of courses and learning about different types of fields and education. Covering mainly the Muslim and Islamic way of life and the teachings of their great preachers.

Top 10 courses of them:-

  1. How can I be happy? Course – Life’s a struggling journey and therefore one can find it very difficult in many times and situations in their life to be happy, all stressed up today human beings are not having time for themselves. Take a break from life and enroll in the how can I be happy course from them and give your life A optimistic outlook.
  2. Courses On Sunnah Diet and Health – Know about the sunnah diet and its health benefits in great detail, about why and how many prophets Muhammad focused on these foods. We all know how much a Sunnah diet has been praised all over the world, so hurry and enroll here now!
  3. Hijama Therapy Course – Hijama therapy course is a demanding job today, it’s a stress, pain-relieving type thing which in today’s generation, is a critical need. It’s a flexible job with very good pay as there is very little competition in it.
  4. Ek Muslimah Ki Mohobat Course – Understand deeply about love relationships, affairs and fix your personal life, grudges, etc by taking this course. Today we all face problems in our love life, relations, etc and we don’t know what to do about it. Understanding the roots of these things will help you in a better way.
  5. Microsoft Word Basics Learning Course – Microsoft word is a modern word processing application program/packages specially designed for performing different word processing tasks, for example, typing, editing, and printing out textual information. It’s a very useful application and a necessary one to learn in this new generation.
  6. Be an Extraordinary Parents Course – We all know how much difficult and challenging job parenting is, it is really complicated and complex job. If you want to know how to become a perfect parent and not only perfect, but an extraordinary one, this course is just the right to step for you.
  7. Janazah Workshop – Learn about the complete procedure and rituals done at the time of someone’s death (a Muslim one) this course will help you to know the complete prayers and reciting done during the funeral prayer in Islamic culture.
  8. Welcoming Manhood – This course will help you understand how to deal with your son after he has attained the age of puberty, as we all know after puberty children not only grow physically but also emotionally. Therefore one has to be very careful when their children came in puberty period.
  9. Welcoming Womanhood – This course will help you to understand how to deal with your daughter after she has attained her first period/mensuration. We all know how emotionally weak girls can become after puberty as they are now facing hormonal changes, so it’s necessary to know what’s the best thing to do with them.
  10. Ruqyah Course – In these courses, we learn, summons jinn and demons by invoking the names of God, and to command them to abandon their mischiefs and is thought to repair damage believed caused by jinn possession, witchcraft, or the evil eye. If you are a believer in the evil eye and jinn stuff, this is just the right course for you.

Enroll in the effective and best courses of Darul Arqam Online Academy, they provide the best courses at a very reasonable price and very good and experienced teachers. They provide a variety of courses related to Muslim/ Islamic learning too.


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